Thursday, April 15, 2010

Videos: Politicians who are addressing chemtrails/Geo-engineering

Today received the following email and video clips from Michael Murphy:

Due to the many corporate and political interest$ associated with chemtrails/geo-engineering, most politicians are either ignoring or running from this issue. While many politicians like Marcy Winograd, will not address the issue and will avoid even commenting (video coming soon), I have managed to find a few bold politicians who are willing to talk about it. Both Congressional candidate Mark Reed and California Governor Candidate Chelene Nightingale are some of the few who are bold enough stand up for the people and go public. Please watch, share and spread!!!!!!

Folks, we are in a real crisis!!!! We need to make this a public political issue. Please help in our efforts and please do not support any candidate that is complicit in the cover-up of these crimes!!!!

Chelene Nightingale discusses chemtrails/geo-engineering

Mark Reed Discusses chemtrails and the political interests that global corporations have w/ the issue:

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