Friday, April 2, 2010

Email to Cathy Chemtrails

Received this email today and chuckled when I saw how the author identified me: Cathy Chemtrails

Anyway, what Matt shares is very insighful:

Hi Cathy.

This evening at Dusk, there was a planetary alignment going on that I really wanted to watch through my binoculars, and my telescope. So I went to my dad's beach house in newport and set all my cameras, video, telescope and binoculars up, and waited for the sun to go down.

There was moderate chemtrail spraying all day today, but not so much that you couldn't see the sky. It was patchy.

At around 6 pm, the planes started to show up in earnest. Alot of North-South, straight line chemtrails that would then drift inland.

While I was scanning the sky with my binoculars I noticed something. Way out to sea, maybe 30 miles out, past Catalina island, I could see, only through the binoculars, the image of a jumbo jet coming straight on, with an enormous plume behind it... I could see the expansion of the chemtrails directly behind the plane.

I sat there and watched it get closer, then suddenly it banked and began a long slow turn. The banking of the plane made the chemtrail appear much larger, and more impressive. I could clearly make out the two trails from each engine, arranged to the one wing being higher in the turn.

I watched that plane do a 270 degree it turned right, towards the south, and continued turning until it was headed due north....and then it headed north...leaving an enormous plume behind it. It was so far away, I watched it head north, through the binoculars for about 5 or 7 minutes, and at 500 mph, that's like 50 miles.. then suddenly it began another big turn, but this time it turned left..towards the open ocean. It followed this turn for another around for over 360 degrees, doing a lap and half so to speak, then it headed straight towards me for a while, then turned south again, and made a huge trail past this enormous figure 8 it had made, then, once it had traveled another 7 minutes or so, it headed back the way it came...out to sea. I followed it with my binoculars, then I used my telescope, which was hard, but it was so far away, it appeared to move so slow, I was able to find it in my view finder...I watched it till it was just about dark.

I believe that people are so easily decieved by the power of suggestion, that they trust what others, the media, our politicians "suggest" rather than their own senses.

I believe that the idea that these obvious trails are "ice crystals" "Water Vapor" "Normal, Natural contrails" has been successfully implanted in virtually all american's minds, through the simple techique of suggestion. It took me a full a year to finaly realize what I was seeing was not normal, after it had been pointed out to me. When I first heard about chemtrails, I quickly dismissed it.

I just read the Preface to the book "You Are still being lied to", which is titled "Reality is a Shared Hallucination" (authored by Howard Bloom), and it was a shocking expose on how people only see the world through the larger framework of our cultural patterning. Perception is a slave to social commands. Most human percieve the world through a "herd" perception. Input from the "herd" strongly colors our perception of reality, to the point of altering our physiology.

Crowds of silent voices whisper in our ears, transforming the nature of what we see and hear.

You should buy this book...if only for the Preface! (I haven't started reading it, so I can't comment on the content, aside from the preface).

A government which fully understands this "Herd" perception paradime, which binds us all, can use it to color reality to fit their agendas.

This is POWERFULL Psychology! I wondered, why I was able to percieve Chemtrails for what they are, when so many others, simply cannot. I ascribe this only to the fact that I was in Thailand during the years that the program was starting up, and those who's job it was to generate the proper public perception of the event were unable to reach me.

When I was in thailand, I may very well have been exposed to the same perception deviation, except for the fact that I was routinely denied basic communication with those around me, and their media by the fact that I quite simply couldn't talk to anyone because I didn't speak the language! I was totally insulated from any form of programing!

(it was actually very nice, not to even have to try to talk to anyone, beyond ordering food!, and being able to avoid any tough conversations, for lack of ability to converse! A perverse utopia...I didn't leave until after I started to learn the language, then then novelty started to wear off, after people expected me to understand what they were saying)

Anyhow, watching this plane conduct this operation tonight was freaky, and scary, and I thought I'd tell you about it.


--- end ---

Matt makes a good point which hits home with me because like him being in Thailand for 3 yrs, I was in Germany for 3 yrs (2002-2005) and couldn't speak much of the language so missed the 'programming to the masses' as well. Not having a tv there (nor here), helped to stop the brain washing for sure.

Here is my reply to Matt:

Thanks so much, Matt!! I posted your email here:

If you happen to get any pics, I will post them as well. Eye witness accounts like yours are important and need to be shared.

I totally relate to your 3 yr 'escape' from American propaganda as I was in Germany 3 yrs and also unable to understand much while there apart from translators. Nor did I have a tv there (nor here now) which helped to shake free of the previous brainwashing we were raised with here.

I don't watch many movies but have noticed chemtrails in most all of them and the most telling of all this is in animated movies for children - their animated chemtrails are included!! Examples I have seen are in 'Cars' and 'Happy Feet', I've seen them also in video games and endless advertisments, so 'they' have been programming folks for YEARS that these white lines in the sky are NORMAL - oh BROTHER!

So, no surprise that the general poplulation is OBLIVIOUS to the reality that they/we are being POISONED on a daily basis. Thus the importance of a healthy immune system AND a strong spiritual life.

Thanks again, Matt!


--- end ---

So onward we go!

May the Truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the deceived wakeup, may the sinner repent, may the lost get saved and may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified I continue to pray.

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