Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chemtrails Over Ganges, British Columbia, Canada

Tuesday (June 22, 2010) Over Ganges
by Anon.

We are mostly now getting a full thin, glaring white veil of what I call ChemCover, like the first half of today, as opposed to the typical visible trails.

This is because NASA is now craftily using their new delivery system of rocket bursts over the Canadian Arctic.

That's why up until about noon on Tues or Wed we had nothing but the thin, glaring, silvery white death shroud filling the sky and then the trail method started happening in full force with each of the spray flights seeming to have Comox Air Base as their point of origin.

The same was true of today except that when the ChemCover drifted on by, we had beautiful natural clouds -- a very rare occurrence these days.

I have many spectacularly ugly Chembow or "Sundog" photos. One week last month, I snapped Chembows eight out of 12 days.

The attached photos are a combination of NASA's "smart dust" ChemCover and common Chemtrails.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dr. Judy Wood: Another Great Interview

JUNE 23, 2010 UPDATE
Interview is back up on youtube, not sure for how long:

JUNE 14, 2010 UPDATE
YOUTUBE removed the following videos, so go here to hear a more recent interview with Dr. Wood:



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Friday, June 11, 2010

My 2 Cents on the Gulf Oil Spill

Can't help but wonder why the LORD brought me to the Gulf of Mexico at the same time as the now infamous Gulf oil spill? Maybe to document my findings since I now live 200 feet from the ocean and take almost daily walks on the still beautiful white sand and turquoise blue water.


In any case, here are my thoughts on the whole affair...

First, I trust NEXT TO NONE of those who are telling us what is going on: the contolled news media, the alternative news media, the government officials as well as those who post on message boards/blogs/youtube/etc.

Second, the fact that this event even happened is weird. No safety measures? no regulations? no oversight? this was one big "OOPS!"? Sorry, not buying it.

Third, the DAILY news coverage continually blasting in our faces is a BIG RED FLAG.

And fourth, looking at the satellite images from the get-go, MOST show nothing unusual (besides the ongoing black ops military toxic chemtrail geoengineering areosol spray activity) in the Gulf of Mexico. And the few images that appear to be oil, look fake and manipulated.

In conclusion, I've learned that that those who want to run the show will doing ANYTHING to gain wealth and power which includes fear mongering, lying, cheating, murder, etc etc etc. Satan of course is behind all this but his people are pulling the strings. Truly tragic and sad for the deceived.


That is for those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, we don't know what the future holds but we believers in Christ know WHO holds the future and this is WHO we trust with all our hearts!


June 11 TERRA image looks weird

June 11 AQUA image looks normal

June 12 AQUA image looks weird

June 12 TERRA image looks normal


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Possible Lawsuit?

Received the following today...

This is an e-mail sent to me from attorney Joe Marman. He is discussing the possibility of filing a lawsuit to various corporations in regards to the chemtrail/geo-engineering issue. See e-mail below for more information and please help him with information if you can.


Michael Murphy

Subject: Chem Trails
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 09:13:06 -0700

Thanks so much for the articles Michael. Good luck on getting your documentary together on the Chem Trails.

Here is what I thought I may need for a lawsuit to prevent the planes from continuing to spray the Chem Trails. This is just a rough draft, since I am trying to keep a law practice running at the same time.

1. The best solid evidence that will connect the Chem trails in the skies to the toxics on the ground.

2. The best evidence connection to which or whose jets are spraying these chemicals. Perhaps we could give coordinates of times, directions, locations, etc. of the jets that we are watching doing the spraying, and ask the FAA to give us the information as which jets were in our skies at that time.

3. Which agencies shall we sue? EPA, Dept. of Defense, NORAD, Cal EPA, Air or Water Quality Control Boards? We would argue that these agencies have a statutory obligation to watch and safeguard our air and water, and they have breached their legal obligation to protect the public, despite the evidence we have that gives us enough information that the governmental agencies should follow up and get answers.

4. There should be some provisions in Fed or State Codes for us to seek not only compensation for harm, but also get an Order from the Court to force the Agencies to take action, as well as recover attorney's fees for us undertaking the lawsuit.

5. Perhaps there are others that know of suits or attorney sthat have undertaken these suits before and which laws we should sue under, be either Federal or State laws and courts.

6. We also want evidence regarding the type and nature of the harm on the ground, to animals water and humans, that can be connected to the barium, strontium, aluminum and other chemicals being sprayed.

7. Eventually we will need expert witnesses to be able to testify in court to convince the jury or the judge that this is actually happening, and it needs to be stopped.

Be aware that if we sue these agencies and we lose, we could be subjected to costs of defense of the suit. It may or may not include attorney's fees in our cost bill if we sue and lose, so it is important to have solid evidence before we file the suit.

But of course if we win, we should recover our costs and attorney's fees.
Joseph H. Marman, Esq.
(916) 721-3324
Fax 721-3633

--- end ---


ok cathy this is good. obviously this is an international scheme involving the developed countries. we will lose. this is so tight shut it is incredible. someone has to break out from the inside and spill the beans and get their information in print. we got to get an elected official that agrees with us and then go after them

Email Replies Regarding Evergreen Air Article

Yesterday, I sent the link to the article Evergreen Air and a Secret Chemtrail Facility to a few folks asking what they thought and received these replies:

I don't know. I tend to believe it. The interviewer seems so weird. I think there is a lot of disinfo out there. I don't doubt that Evergreen is involved, but not sure of the "reporters" and their story.
--- end ---

I just learned about this the other day...I think we listen to some of the same news sources... Anyway, it would not surprise me that there are more than one CIA funded operation across the USA. I read somewhere that this spraying is a NATO operation due to the fact that it is happening all over the world.

Just to let you know...I am checking my skies out everyday and plan to photograph what I see over my neighborhood and city of Modesto. I first heard about chemtrails in the middle 90's but had never seen any in my area of California. I was listening to the Art Bell show late in the evening and remember hearing people call in to discuss the chemtrails over Utah. Now it seems the spraying is nonstop and I am trying to make people more aware of what is going on over their heads.

I have two grandchildren that I watch on a daily bases.......and my grandson has mild autism and gets education on a daily basis in my home. When I was taking him to school each day during this year I noticed the skies and began taking photos with my iphone. Now I am busy tracking this every morning and there is a lot to be seen. Well I have to get back to the thanks for posting my photos and giving me the link.
--- end ---

I believe that Pineal airport in Arizona may be a hub, or station used by Chemtrail spray planes. Evergreen would be a likely suspect for running the American contribution to the world wide program. I suppose it would be fairly easy to monitor the air traffic at this airport to see if it corresponds with the huge volume of chemtrail flights that are being run.

In my opinion, I think that those who are running this program are not operating their planes out of a central hub, but rather operate out of multiple airports, and I'd bet that the planes are kept aloft all the time, the same way that commercial airplanes are constantly in the air, only on the ground for passenger pick up and refueling. I bet that the chemtrail planes come to this airport when they need their scheduled maintenance, but that's not all that often for modern planes, and when you consider that they don't need things like service to their commercial ovens, or passenger amenities, like a normal airliner, I bet that those planes spend 99% of their lives airborne, only on the tarmac long enough to swap out crews & take on fuel & take on their spray cargo.

The perps probably keep a small hanger at most large airports were they keep their equipment required for re-filling their spray tanks.

The scary thing about this operation is how few people are needed to keep it operational. They probably fuel from the same companies that fuel the airlines. I bet they just blend right in.

I'll tell you that L.A. has been totally innundated over the last month and a half. It's gotten so bad I can hardly stand it anymore. I took a trip last month to Utah, and on the way out of town, as I was driving along the 210 freeway I couldn't even see Mt. Baldy, or any of the San Bernadino mountains, and they are only 2 or 3 miles from the Freeway. What we are seeing nowadays is different than the chemtrails we usually see.

The spray they are using falls out of the sky much faster and stays close to the ground, creating a very white, luminous haze. People mistake it for smog, but it's clearly not smog, since smog is brown, and this stuff is very luminously white. Looking up durring the day I see alot of spray planes, but the spray they are applying is more diffuse is falls quickly and contributes to the overall coverage that is blanketting the entire city.

Back in the 80's and early 90's we had smog that was as thick, but it was clearly different. We had a few years from about 1993 to 1998, when we had no smog, and no chemtrails, and the San Fernando Valley was a beautiful place to be. You could see the mountains so clearly. People were always mentioning how nice it was to have clean air finally. Being in commercial real estate, I was often going into high rise office buildings, and selling the beautiful views.

When things changed it was so very apparant. No longer could I sell the beautiful views as something desirable.

I'm so sick of this, I want to move. I'd move if I could find a place that had legitimate clear skys. Utah is much better than L.A., but it still gets sprayed about 60% of the time. I was there for 2 weeks & I was able to enjoy a handfull of totally clear skys. It was a liberating feeling.

Do you know anywhere in the continental US that is free from Chemtrails?
--- end ---

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Evergreen Air's Connection to Chemtrails

A few months ago NotForSale interviewed a whistleblower from inside the Evergreen Air Facility. For those who do not know Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the United States, weapons and arms dealing, drug running and rendition tortures. The whistleblower known as KrisH provided the Intel Hub staff with documentation to prove his employment at the facility located in Pinal County Airpark in Arizona.
May 29, 2010


"From information that I have pieced together
over the past several years,I firmly believe that
EVERGREEN is one of the lead companies used to modify
aircraft used in CHEMTRAIL spraying operations,those
would be aircraft taken out of storage at the
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base boneyard in Tucson and
the Mojave Airport among others.There are 100’s of
aircraft available for CHEMTRAIL spraying ops because
of newer model replacements in the commercial and
military fleets. Google EVERGREEN AIR"

Tim White, Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen.Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

Chemtrails Article/Commentary

Eyes Wide Shut: Disease and Death from the Sky
Saturday, June 05, 2010 by: Paul Fassa, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) There is one source of toxins and heavy metals that is virtually ignored by most health conscious people focusing on existing food, drug, and environmental toxins. Yet it exists as the unnoticed elephant in the room. It appears very often in most skies throughout the western world. Those who dare document their existence call them chemtrails.

Contrails or Chemtrails?

The difference is obvious to the naked eye. Contrails appear only at high altitudes, are thinner or more narrow than chemtrails, and dissipate very quickly. They are never longer than a few aircraft lengths, and they don't linger at all. Contrails are nothing more than exhaust vapors that have crystallized in the upper altitude's cold air, and those small ice crystals melt or evaporate quickly.

Chemtrails are much wider and thicker. They are long enough to cover the sky from horizon to horizon. As they linger, they get even wider, and they tend to drift toward the ground or space out into artificially created cloud patterns. What separates these patterns from contrails further is that they are not normal aircraft traffic patterns.

These differences are not from atmospheric conditions. You can see chemtrails and contrails in the same sky at the same time.

Chemtrails have been observed and photographed with tic-tac-toe patterns or huge Xs in the sky. Aircraft are often seen making U-turns to spray another trail. And unlike contrails, they can be shut off and on again.

The Toxins

Analyzed residues from chemtrails always show high levels of barium, aluminum oxide, strontium, and titanium, all heavy metals that we breathe in every time they spray. If they are apparently sprayed from or close to the engines, then traces of an extremely toxic banned jet fuel element, EDB or dibromoethane, are found in collected specimens.

These are in small enough particulate forms to breath in and contaminate soils and waters. Barium salts have been aerosol sprayed as chemical warfare agents. Barium can be more toxic than lead. Chronic aluminum exposure can cause all sorts of neurological damage and dementia. EDB is a carcinogenic nerve gas agent that causes severe neurological damage.

Even if you are not feeling immediate effects from these toxins, your immune system is compromised by constantly fighting them off. One needs be almost constantly detoxing!

How Come?

The exact hows and whys are unknown. That's due to information being mostly squelched, ignored or marginalized by the mainstream media, and by government agencies at all levels. It's like a vaccine injury cover up deja vu.

Recently, the City Council of the remote and pristine Mt. Shasta, California, dismissed factual reports of wildlife dieing off from these very toxins gathered from streams, rivers, and mountain top snow. The local paper made the chemtrail activists look like conspiracy kooks.

A retired conservative couple in rural Canada became concerned with the chemtrail activity over their homestead a few years ago. They took their years of acquired information, including photos and specimens, to a regional health agency, and they were dismissed as cranks.

When occasionally cornered with a large public outcry, the higher level agencies claim that chemtrails are part of a military exercise for radar jamming using metal particulates, or that they are geoengineering with aerosol sprayed metal particulates to create an atmospheric shield for global warming prevention.

So ultimately they're not denying the existence of chemtrails. They are leaving that denial up to all those who won't look up or even accept their existence as other than contrails when it's directly pointed out to them in the sky. See for yourself.

Educate yourself further with these article sources:

Beware of Poisons from the Sky

Chemtrail Central

Barium Blues

Clifford Carnicom's Scientific Studies


Monday, June 7, 2010

Crops Damaged From 'Something in the Air"

Received a link today to this news report from June 1, 2010:


Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds Of Acres
Shaun Chaiyabhat
6:21 PM CDT, June 1, 2010


Small dots appear to "burn" through leaves
Area affected is along Tipton and Shelby County line
Farmers afraid they may lose their entire crop

(Memphis 6/1/2010) A mystery is unfolding across MidSouth farms.

Something is killing crops, trees, even weeds and nobody can explain why.

Farmers are scratching their heads and some are worried their crops may be lost to the mysterious plague.

It's happening along a large swath of land near the Shelby and Tipton county border along Herring Hill Road and elsewhere near the Mississippi River bottoms.

Tiny dots appear to have burned onto leaves of all types of plants, and they appear different depending on the plant.

On corn stalks, the dots seem to turn white in the center.

On other plants, a white dust speckles the leaves and then destroys the green life underneath.

"We found it all in the herbs, in the flowers, in the plum tree, in the weeds," said organic farmer Toni Holt. "It's apparently in everything."

Holt grows organic produce that she sells at area farmers' markets.

As she and other farmers inspect the new growth covered in the perplexing plague, they fear their entire crop may be lost.

Less than ten miles from Holt's crops, the damage could possibly hit hundreds of acres of corn at Wilder Farms.

It appears to have hit everything in its path.

There does not seem to be anything in common with the affected plants.

The Holts raise organic crops, so they don't spray pesticides on any of their fruits and vegetables.

The first thought among some was a new parasite or insect caused the damage, but Wilder farms sprays pesticides and the damage there is exactly the same.

Farmers first noticed the damaging dots over the weekend.

Then Holt came home to find baby birds dead in their nests.

"There are two dead birds hanging out of two different bird houses, so we're concerned about that. We don't know if it's related, but it's alarming," said Holt. "We've got horses, we're concerned about the horses on the grass. We've got chickens. We sell our eggs at the market."

Farmers we spoke with are convinced something in the air caused this damage.

They're asking the USDA and other experts to look into the problem, and so are we.