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2005 Article: Inquiry into spray cancer claims

Inquiry into spray cancer claims
Wednesday, 7 December 2005
BBC News

Cadmium chemical was sprayed over Norwich in the 1960s

The effects of cadmium spraying over a city in the 1960s are to be investigated after claims that it was linked with cancer of the oesophagus.

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb was told of the decision by the Department of Health after he tabled questions to Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

"There are many concerns about the possible effect of cadmium spraying in Norwich and the cancer," Mr Lamb said.

Cadmium powder was sprayed over part of the city during weapons testing.

The investigation will involve the Health Protection Agency (HPA), the local Primary Care Trust, the Cancer Registry and the local Public Health Observatory.

'No link'

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health Caroline Flint informed Mr Lamb of the investigation, adding: "I am advised that it is unlikely the zinc cadmium sulphide dispersion trials have resulted in any long term health effects."

Campaigners claim that Norwich has a higher number of cases of cancer of the oesophagus than the national average.

Peter Brambleby, director of public health at the Norwich Primary Care Trust denies this and is on record as saying that he could find "no link between the spraying and this cancer".

He said: "My examination of the most up-to-date data for Norwich shows a low incidence and lower than expected incidence of oesophageal cancer."

'Simulate dissemination'

But earlier this year Mr Wyn Parry, a consultant at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and a specialist in oesophageal cancer, said more research was needed on this type of cancer.

"I see patients across Norfolk and we would expect to see between 120 and 130 cases (national average) but we are seeing between 170 and 180. Perhaps 50% more than the national population."

A small quantity of cadmium was sprayed over parts of the city as part of a Ministry of Defence experiment on chemical dispersal.

The Ministry of Defence said the experiment, which its scientists say was safe, was to "simulate the airborne dissemination" of biological warfare agents in the air.

2002 Article: Millions were in germ war tests

Millions were in germ war tests
Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials

Antony Barnett, public affairs editor
Sunday April 21, 2002

The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.

A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain's biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979.

Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.

While details of some secret trials have emerged in recent years, the 60-page report reveals new information about more than 100 covert experiments.

The report reveals that military personnel were briefed to tell any 'inquisitive inquirer' the trials were part of research projects into weather and air pollution.

The tests, carried out by government scientists at Porton Down, were designed to help the MoD assess Britain's vulnerability if the Russians were to have released clouds of deadly germs over the country.

In most cases, the trials did not use biological weapons but alternatives which scientists believed would mimic germ warfare and which the MoD claimed were harmless. But families in certain areas of the country who have children with birth defects are demanding a public inquiry.

One chapter of the report, 'The Fluorescent Particle Trials', reveals how between 1955 and 1963 planes flew from north-east England to the tip of Cornwall along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population. The chemical drifted miles inland, its fluorescence allowing the spread to be monitored. In another trial using zinc cadmium sulphide, a generator was towed along a road near Frome in Somerset where it spewed the chemical for an hour.

While the Government has insisted the chemical is safe, cadmium is recognised as a cause of lung cancer and during the Second World War was considered by the Allies as a chemical weapon.

In another chapter, 'Large Area Coverage Trials', the MoD describes how between 1961 and 1968 more than a million people along the south coast of England, from Torquay to the New Forest, were exposed to bacteria including e.coli and bacillus globigii , which mimics anthrax. These releases came from a military ship, the Icewhale, anchored off the Dorset coast, which sprayed the micro-organisms in a five to 10-mile radius.

The report also reveals details of the DICE trials in south Dorset between 1971 and 1975. These involved US and UK military scientists spraying into the air massive quantities of serratia marcescens bacteria, with an anthrax simulant and phenol.

Similar bacteria were released in 'The Sabotage Trials' between 1952 and 1964. These were tests to determine the vulnerability of large government buildings and public transport to attack. In 1956 bacteria were released on the London Underground at lunchtime along the Northern Line between Colliers Wood and Tooting Broadway. The results show that the organism dispersed about 10 miles. Similar tests were conducted in tunnels running under government buildings in Whitehall.

Experiments conducted between 1964 and 1973 involved attaching germs to the threads of spiders' webs in boxes to test how the germs would survive in different environments. These tests were carried out in a dozen locations across the country, including London's West End, Southampton and Swindon. The report also gives details of more than a dozen smaller field trials between 1968 and 1977.

In recent years, the MoD has commissioned two scientists to review the safety of these tests. Both reported that there was no risk to public health, although one suggested the elderly or people suffering from breathing illnesses may have been seriously harmed if they inhaled sufficient quantities of micro-organisms.

However, some families in areas which bore the brunt of the secret tests are convinced the experiments have led to their children suffering birth defects, physical handicaps and learning difficulties.

David Orman, an army officer from Bournemouth, is demanding a public inquiry. His wife, Janette, was born in East Lulworth in Dorset, close to where many of the trials took place. She had a miscarriage, then gave birth to a son with cerebral palsy. Janette's three sisters, also born in the village while the tests were being carried out, have also given birth to children with unexplained problems, as have a number of their neighbours.

The local health authority has denied there is a cluster, but Orman believes otherwise. He said: 'I am convinced something terrible has happened. The village was a close-knit community and to have so many birth defects over such a short space of time has to be more than coincidence.'

Successive governments have tried to keep details of the germ warfare tests secret. While reports of a number of the trials have emerged over the years through the Public Records Office, this latest MoD document - which was released to Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker - gives the fullest official version of the biological warfare trials yet.

Baker said: 'I welcome the fact that the Government has finally released this information, but question why it has taken so long. It is unacceptable that the public were treated as guinea pigs without their knowledge, and I want to be sure that the Ministry of Defence's claims that these chemicals and bacteria used were safe is true.'

The MoD report traces the history of the UK's research into germ warfare since the Second World War when Porton Down produced five million cattle cakes filled with deadly anthrax spores which would have been dropped in Germany to kill their livestock. It also gives details of the infamous anthrax experiments on Gruinard on the Scottish coast which left the island so contaminated it could not be inhabited until the late 1980s.

The report also confirms the use of anthrax and other deadly germs on tests aboard ships in the Caribbean and off the Scottish coast during the 1950s. The document states: 'Tacit approval for simulant trials where the public might be exposed was strongly influenced by defence security considerations aimed obviously at restricting public knowledge. An important corollary to this was the need to avoid public alarm and disquiet about the vulnerability of the civil population to BW [biological warfare] attack.'

Sue Ellison, spokeswoman for Porton Down, said: 'Independent reports by eminent scientists have shown there was no danger to public health from these releases which were carried out to protect the public.

'The results from these trials_ will save lives, should the country or our forces face an attack by chemical and biological weapons.'

Asked whether such tests are still being carried out, she said: 'It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.'

HR 2977: Chemtrails are an Exotic Weapons System

HR 2977 IH


1st Session

H. R. 2977
To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.


October 2, 2001
Mr. KUCINICH introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committees on Armed Services, and International Relations, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned


To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `Space Preservation Act of 2001'.


Congress reaffirms the policy expressed in section 102(a) of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (42 U.S.C. 2451(a)), stating that it `is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind.'.


The President shall--

(1) implement a permanent ban on space-based weapons of the United States and remove from space any existing space-based weapons of the United States; and

(2) immediately order the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, and deployment of all space-based weapons of the United States and their components.


The President shall direct the United States representatives to the United Nations and other international organizations to immediately work toward negotiating, adopting, and implementing a world agreement banning space-based weapons.


The President shall submit to Congress not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, and every 90 days thereafter, a report on--

(1) the implementation of the permanent ban on space-based weapons required by section 3; and

(2) progress toward negotiating, adopting, and implementing the agreement described in section 4.


Nothing in this Act may be construed as prohibiting the use of funds for--

(1) space exploration;

(2) space research and development;

(3) testing, manufacturing, or production that is not related to space-based weapons or systems; or

(4) civil, commercial, or defense activities (including communications, navigation, surveillance, reconnaissance, early warning, or remote sensing) that are not related to space-based weapons or systems.


In this Act:

(1) The term `space' means all space extending upward from an altitude greater than 60 kilometers above the surface of the earth and any celestial body in such space.

(2)(A) The terms `weapon' and `weapons system' mean a device capable of any of the following:

(i) Damaging or destroying an object (whether in outer space, in the atmosphere, or on earth) by--

(I) firing one or more projectiles to collide with that object;

(II) detonating one or more explosive devices in close proximity to that object;

(III) directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation) against that object; or

(IV) any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means.

(ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)--

(I) through the use of any of the means described in clause (i) or subparagraph (B);

(II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or

(III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person.

(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--

(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;

(ii) chemtrails;

(iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;

(iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;

(v) laser weapons systems;

(vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and

(vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

(C) The term `exotic weapons systems' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.


Don't Talk About the Weather

"Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis?..."



Is this true??

Just read this and wondered if anyone has proof that this is true?

"From documents garnered through an M.I.T. source the reason for the general public's seeming oblivious unconcern for the obvious abnormality of the skies has come clear. The rainbow colours reflecting from some trails betray their contents...biphenol-A's and benzodiazapines; also known as Valium or Serax. For years these drugs have been sprayed on the populace of certain 'trouble zones' to the point that they've become addicted to anxiolytics, or anti-anxiety drugs. The chemtrails subconsciously feel reassuring because while they're there they don't go through withdrawal. The symptoms are extreme anxiety, inability to concentrate, sleeplessness, nightmares of epic proportions and in extreme cases suicide or madness. As well is the new info on the nanobiotechnology that the elite have had for years, and with it they can now replace their cellular structure with inorganic compounds and elements... in essence becoming immortal; no longer tied to the failings of the flesh"

Chemtrail Article From Lasen County News

Resident fumes over chemtrails
Posted on Tuesday, December 02 @ 10:55:59 PST

Dec. 2, 2008 — A local resident wants to know who is messing up the bright blue skies above Lassen County and why no one is doing anything about it.

“I’m a nobody,” said Greg Smith, “but I’m also a truth seeker. I moved here 20 years ago for the blue skies and the beautiful weather. It really angers me that somebody is turning our blue skies a creamy white.”

Smith acknowledges he doesn’t know who is responsible for the emissions from jets that frequently seem to morph into clouds above Lassen County.

To the conspiracy theorists and the guests on late night radio talk shows, they’re called chemtrails. Nobody knows for sure, but the conspiracy buffs say the chemtrails could be anything or everything from cloud seeding to weather modification to mind control to some advanced star wars weapons system to radar jamming to government black operations and more.

According to the Web site, the United States Air Force describes the chemtrail theory as a hoax that has been investigated and refuted by many established and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major media publications. also reports the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry asserts contrails normally exhibit a wide variation in appearance and the descriptions and photographs of chemtrails are consistent with those of ordinary contrails.

Before you dismiss Smith and those concerned about chemtrails as the very kookiest of kooks, consider that U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill in Congress on Oct. 2, 2001 entitled the Space Preservation Act. Had it been enacted into law, that bill would have permanently prohibited the basing of U.S. weapons in space and required the president to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning all space-based weapons.

Kooky or not, the bill, H.R. 2977, defined chemtrails as an “exotic weapon.”

According to the bill, “The term ‘exotic weapons systems’ includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.”

Ultimately, the bill was revised, and the term chemtrails was removed. The revised version of the bill did not pass.

“They keep doing it, whoever they are,” Smith said. “All I know is I wake up in the morning to a beautiful blue sky. Then the planes start flying over, and a couple of hours later we’ve got milky, white skies.”

Smith maintains the streaks in the sky are not contrails — normal exhaust from high flying jets — but chemtrails, which many allege, could be dropping dangerous chemicals and metals on unsuspecting residents.

“We’re getting sprayed on every day,” Smith said. “It’s criminal. If I lit a fire that was polluting the air, I’d have people knocking on my door asking me what I was doing. Somebody in Lassen County has to be responsible for air quality, but they don’t do anything. Our public officials ought to get involved and at least investigate. Somebody needs to ask what’s going on.”

When asked about Smith’s concerns, Lassen County Supervisor Jim Chapman said he’s seen contrails in the skies above Lassen County since he was a child.

Chapman encouraged Smith to bring his concerns to the board of supervisors or the Lassen County Air Pollution Control District. The supervisor said members of the public often use the public forum provided by public governmental bodies and agencies to increase awareness of their concerns and issues.

Smith said that’s exactly what happened when the Shasta County Board of Supervisors, acting as that county’s Air Pollution Control Board, heard from residents concerned about chemtrails earlier this year on Aug. 6.

Shasta County residents and scientists complained they had taken 40 soil and snow samples from locations across the north state and all of them showed abnormally high levels of metals.

The board heard from 13 of the residents at the meeting, but staff said the county could not afford the estimated $500,000 to $1 million to launch a proper scientific investigation into the matter.

In the end, the board forwarded a video recording of the meeting to state and federal agencies to illustrate the residents’ concerns, the Record Searchlight reported.

“This is not just a local phenomenon,” Smith said. “You can see the jets crisscrossing the sky in big V shapes. If people give it any thought at all, with five minutes research, they’ll know these aren’t contrails. It’s not just condensation.”

Contrails are exhaust from jets that normally dissipate rapidly. Smith said the chemtrails linger and turn the sky a milky white. He said the planes often lay down the chemtrails in grid-shaped patterns that eventually expand into cloud-like formations that frequently cover the entire sky.

Smith said he’s looked at the planes leaving the chemtrails with binoculars, and they don’t look like commercial planes to him.

“Can you imagine the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on all these chemicals?” Smith asked. “Sometimes it extends from horizon to horizon.”

Smith said concerns about chemtrails arise all around the world.

The European Parliament investigated the “murky veils, possibly due to the presence of barium and aluminum” in August 2007, according to

“A lot of people are aware of the chemtrails,” Smith said, “but no one seems to be able to find out who’s doing it and why. We need to find out.”

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