Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chemtrail Article in the Examiner Today

Main stream media promotes geo-engineering as climate solution

December 30, 1:36 PM
Norfolk County Political Buzz Examiner
Mark Andrew Riedel

Now that the Copenhagen climate talks have come and gone without an agreement, (as was predicted by most, if not all, members of the 193 country conference), certain main stream media publications have hinted at 'alternative' climate cooling solutions.

One of these 'suggestions' came in the August 2009 issue of National Geographic,, stating that the earth is in need of a "planetary sunshade" consisting of reflective particles such as sulfate, delivered by "planes, balloons, (or) battleship guns pointed upward".

Another 'suggestion' came from the Dec 7, 2009 edition of Newsweek titled, "Copenhagen, Schmopenhagen" ,, and originated from the same source, Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution and the Copenhagen Consensus Center. The delivery system would work as follows: "Military planes (or helium balloons) spray the stratophere with sulfur gases, which disperse and oxidize. The particles scatter back into space some of the sunlight that would have been absorbed by the planet's surface. As more sunlight is deflected, the planet cools. It's like an artificial version of an erupting volcano."

These 'suggestions' seem like viable alternatives to carbon reduction to the average reader, but there are many who have been watching the skies over most of the industrialized world during the past decade or so, who would like some explanation as to what has already been being sprayed into the earth's atmosphere.

The phenomenon known as "chemtrails" has been broadcast on video sharing sites such as youtube and dailymotion for some time now, but until now, most mainstreamers dismiss this topic as an exageration, or just another conspiracy theory. The powers that be have been using geoengineering methods without proper testing, without taking proper safety precautions, without permission, and most importantly, without any explanation.

The fact that these "suggestions" occurred before the Copenhagen summit even took place is the issue in question. It is a known fact that the Council on Foreign Relations is a supporter of geo-engineering. In Newsweek's article they go on to state that, "one kilogram of sulfur could offset the effect of several hundred thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide (and that) potential downsides (include) regional ozone depletion, shifts in weather patterns, (and) drought."

Now, if the CFR was really concerned about such issues, don't you think there would be at least a conjured up explanation for chemtrails?




Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chemtrails over New Orleans this Month


Chemtrails over Michigan TODAY


Artificial Blood?

Clifford Carnicom spoke in September 2009 about the possibility of artificial blood cells being in the filaments connected to the mysterious disease Morgellons which some believe is the result of chemtrails.

Below is a video from that presentation.

To read more about Carnicom's research, please click here.


Sonoma Sky Today Around 3pm

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chemtrails over UK AGAIN TODAY


I am convinced that ALL those jets are working together.

Half spreading chemtrails and the other half posing as normal jets with contrails to create confusion.

All part of the brainwashing/mind control of the masses.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chemtrail Over Head

As I walked out of work, I looked up and was greeted by this annoying chemtrail.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sonoma Sky Today


December 2, 2009 UPDATE
Check out the chemtrails in these cropped satellite photos (click pic to enlarge):

Satellite MODIS Aqua Dec 1, 2009 over northern California (link)

Satellite MODIS Terra Dec 1, 2009 over northern California (link)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chemtrails began in 1958

This ten year old chemtrail video has good information.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Possible Cytokine Storm and Chemtrail Connection?


I asked a few folks what if they thought this was truth or disinformation and here are their replies:

I cannot tell about disinformation, but I personally have felt there is a health issue in the spraying…maybe nano particles that are meant to interact with the vaccines…The caskets were frightening and also they are building prison complexes someplace. Arizona has been a hotbed of spray planes and the new Homeland Security lady was gov of Ariz… also Rumsfeld was head of Gilead that makes tamiflu vaccine, and I think it was sold to Roche. Is it possible they designed the epidemic so they could sell the vaccine? This is pretty frightening scenario. Also check out Mike Ruppert movie, Collapse. See trailer on You tube.

--- end ---

Dear Cathy:

I don't know if true or false. I have no information that would hold up in
a court of law regarding this subject. If your research or you find the government documents,
university studies or other information that could be used in a courtroom please
advise and send documents immediately - this would be appreciated very much.

--- end ---

Hi Cathy, I would not put much into this guys anecdotal analysis. This guy is not a doctor. Cathy, we have no idea what they are doing. Cathy i have no idea what they are doing, but it is not good. Like you said before, we should keep watching and viewing this kids video, is fine. God will bring it all out. As long as we are doing what we can, God will expose this and protect us from all the garbage. Ps the chemtrails down here have been heavy lately. This stuff is not going away. I just wonder when people are going to wake up and start demanding answers.

--- end ---

As for myself, I think that the video is pretty right on. I've been researching immune responses for some time and am very familiar with cytokine storms. In fact, I'm trying to figure out how to quell them and one of the things I am looking into is baking soda which seems to have some positive effect. Baking soda is used even by hospitals during surgery to reduce oxidative stress.

--- end ---

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is the Black Line/Beam Proceeding the Chemplane?


Here are a couple of photos of the faint black line that I saw:

Now here are other photos I found on the internet that show the same type of line:

What is this? A guiding beam of some sort?

--- end ---

November 11, 2009 UPDATE

Here is a zoomed-in cropped satellite pic of Sonoma County from yesterday, November 10, 2009 (link).

Notice the odd line patterns in the 'clouds'.

Below are a couple of cropped photos from the other satellite for the same day (Nov 10, 2009), but over the San Francisco area (link) to show the massive spraying on an overcast/foggy day.

First photo is untouched and second slightly adjusted to better see chemtrails.

Massive Spraying Over Los Angeles/Long Beach Area

Yesterday, received this email and then added the below pic which has been cropped:

Dear me, did you see today's satelite photos?!!!

as you know, there are two pictures you can see of each day. One of the pictures conveniently has the southern California area completely blocked out...but the other shows MASSIVE SPRAYING.

If you haven't looked at it you should:

The Aqua satellite shot is the one to check. WOW. how can anyone explain that away?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trail leading to Pneumonic plague in Ukraine involved "chemtrails" or mysterious spray, fears of vaccine

Trail leading to Pneumonic plague in Ukraine involved "chemtrails" or mysterious spray, fears of vaccine

Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 09:48
FTO South African News Blog

In 2002 the US military was acused of “conducting a chemical weapons research and development program in violation of international arms control law” Whereby they replied

"JNLWD's [US Department of Defense's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate] secret program is not focusing on highly lethal agents such as VX or sarin. Rather, the emphasis is on "non-lethal" chemical weapons that incapacitate. JNLWD's science advisors define "non-lethal" as resulting in death or permanent injury in 1 in 100 victims.(1) JNLWD's Research Director told a US military magazine "We need something besides tear gas, like calmatives, anesthetic agents, that would put people to sleep or in a good mood." These weapons are intended for use against "potentially hostile civilians", in anti-terrorism operations, counterinsurgency, and other military operations.

The major focus of JNLWD's operation is on the use of drugs as weapons, particularly so-called "calmatives", a military term for mind-altering or sleep inducing chemical weapons.”

March 26 it was reported that Vaccine side effects scare grips Ukraine as thousands of Ukrainians refused the vaccinations being scared of diseases like diphtheria, mumps, polio, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, whooping cough among others.

Then the Health officials said that the fear of getting these vaccinations could lead to disease outbreaks spreading through out the Soviet republic and beyond. Health officials around the world then said they are struggling with the repercussions of the vaccination fears as they were unwarrented and dangerous

June 26 Suspicious aircrafts were forced to land. A US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civillian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF upon entering Pakistani air space, the plane was forced to land in Mumbai while the second one was forced down by Nigerian figther jets that also arrested the crew.

According to reports China (China’s People's Liberation Army Air Force) contacted the Indian and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukranian aircrafts amidst growing concern that the United States were spreading "biological agents" in the Earth's atmosphere also which some Chinese officals believed to be a attempt to mass genocide via the spread of h1n1 swine flu.

The strange thing about these reports and arrests as well as the forcing down of the planes were that these aircrafts were carrying "waste disposal" systems that could spray up to 45000kg or 100pounds of aerial type mist from sophisticated network of nano pipes that led throughout the trailing edges of the wings thereby dispersing whatever was in these tanks through a mist.

Airplane registration was UR-CAK

People usually call these chemtrails.

19 September A Chicago researcher dies working with Yersinia pestis (the plague) (which is now supposedly spreading through Ukraine)

A University of Chicago researcher died Sun., Sept. 13, at the Medical Center's Bernard Mitchell Hospital from an infection which may be attributable to a weakened laboratory strain of Yersinia pestis, the bacteria that causes the plague.

The researcher studied the genetics of harmful bacteria, including a weakened strain of Yersinia pestis that lacks the bacteria's harmful components. This strain is not known to cause illness in healthy adults and has been used in some countries as a live-attenuated vaccine to protect against plague. It has been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for routine laboratory studies. The weakened strain does not require the special safety precautions required for work with virulent strains.

Though there does not appear to be a threat to the public, and no other illness related to this case has been reported, the Medical Center infection control team is working with the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the CDC to investigate the case and take all appropriate precautions.

“This death is a tragic loss to our community,” said James L. Madara, MD, Dean of the Biological Sciences Division and Pritzker School of Medicine, and CEO of the Medical Center. “We are all saddened to lose a valued colleague.”

The patient's initial autopsy showed no obvious cause of death except for the presence of bacteria. Routine cultures of the patient's blood grew the weakened strain of Y. pestis. Whether the attenuated strain caused the fatal illness in this researcher remains uncertain. Additional studies to assess the connection are underway.

Nevertheless, once the attenuated strain of Y. pestis was identified on Sept. 18, Medical Center officials immediately notified the CDPH. As a precautionary measure and in cooperation with the CDPH, Medical Center personnel began notification of family, friends, colleagues and health care personnel who may have had contact with the patient.

People exposed to Y. pestis typically develop symptoms within 2 to 10 days. None of the potential contacts has reported illness. The weakened strain is not believed to be dangerous to healthy individuals, but underlying health conditions could potentially increase susceptibility. Anyone who might have been exposed will be offered antibiotics as a precaution.

While rare in the United States, plague remains a significant problem in the developing world, where up to 3,000 cases are reported every year. U.S. cases still occur in parts of California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. The last known case of person-to-person transmission of plague in the United States occurred in 1924.

Then LAST WEEK Airplanes sprayed mysterious substance over Ukraine days before pneumonic plague outbreak

Kiev, Ukraine - Authorities in the town of Kiev, Ukraine denied any spraying of "aerosolized medication" by aircraft over the city. This after it was reported that light aircrafts were seen flying over the forest market area that sprayed a aerosol substance to fight h1n1 or swine flu.

5 Sources confirms this and the local newspapers of Kiev also received hundreds of phone calls from residents and business owners close to the area the planes were spraying the suspicious substance. Not only that but local businesses and retailers were "advised" to stay indoors during the day by the local authorities.

As if that is not enough, the government authorities also pushed the radio stations in Kiev to deny the reports. Online on forums, websites and blogs reports came in about eye witness accounts that confirms this. There was also reports of helicopters spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil and throughout Ukraine.

30th October the Ukraine president Viktor Yushchenko ordered the army or Ministry of Defense to establish mobile hostpitals to provide “essential medications” for people infected with h1n1 (swine flu).

Then just recently the entire Ukraine was put under martial law, more shocking is the statement before the serious pneumonic plague broke out “Due to the complex epidemiological situation in the western regions of Ukraine, where tens of thousands of people have become ill, thousands are in hospital, and dozens have died.”

So what exactly is going on here? Coincidence or not?

--- end ---

November 9, 2009 Ukraine pneumonic plague update 969,247 affected
November 9, 2009
The mysterious case of Joseph Moshe and the pneumonic plague.

November 6, 2009
Airplanes sprayed mysterious substance over Ukraine days before pneumonic plague outbreak

November 6, 2009
Ukraine declares martial law following pneumonic plague outbreak
November 6, 2009
New strain of swine flu in Ukraine, Swine flu h1n1 might have mutated, pneumonic plague

--- end ---

November 12, 2009 UPDATE

COMMENTARY: Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine

AFP Article: Playing with weather stirs debate in China

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Satellite Photo of Chemtrails Over Southern California

Received today an email (see below) with a satellite photo showing chemtrails over Southern California. Here is the cropped version showing the trails over Long Beach.

View Larger Map

Original photo - thanks Mark!


The reason why I'm writing you is because I became interested in your site after witnessing these chemtrails over Burbank.

I moved to Thailand in 2001, and I don't remember seeing them before that time. When I came back in 2006, I had been gone for 5 years, and I wasn't expecting what I saw.

Before I left...California had gotten our smog problem under control. I was used to seeing clear days. I was in commercial real estate in the 90's and I remember enjoying going in high-rise office buildings in Universal City, because I enjoyed the view of the San Fernando Valley.

I love views. I used to hike up to the top of the Verdugo hills all the time, or I'd more often I'd ride my mountain bike up to the top, just for the view. I lived up on the hill during the 90's near Brace park, and I loved my view. I know what our skys are supposed to look like. I pay attention.

Anyhow, when I came back from Thailand, I noticed the chemtrails right away. I was asking my friends and family what they were all about. Everyone parroted the same thing to me. "oh, those...those are just normal condensation trails...blah, blah, blah..."

The thing that caught my attention was the fact that everyone had the same excuse for them. I thought that was odd.

Even people I wouldn't expect to know anything about persistent contrails, or the like could explain them away.

I thought that was odd. who, or what had raised people's awareness, uniformly, even without their knowing it, to the presence of "normal persistent contrails"'s like they had been inoculated to the site of these things.

Well I hadn't been. They were obvious, and everywhere, and un-nerving.

I'm not an idiot. I would ask people...where are those planes going? On approach to a S. California airport? or are the climbing out after take off? If that's the case, they are no where near cruising altitude...there is no way they could be emitting "normal persistent contrails" on climb-out, or on final approach...the altitudes are all wrong for their being on final approach or climb out anyhow.

So I started checking flight paths. Being that we're here at the south west corner of the US, there's nothing to the south west, or due west from us, except Australia. I checked the number for flights going there, and basically come to the conclusion that these were not normal, they were not part of normal flight paths, and just because I notice them, and they are there, doesn't make me crazy for noticing them, and for them being there.

Today and yesterday were perhaps the worste days I've ever seen. the trails were actually much, much lower, and basically coming down to ground level. They contributed, or were the sole cause of alot of what most people just called "smog". You couldn't see the verdugo hills for much of the day from Toluca Lake.

I tried to go up to Mt. Wilson Observatory to view things from above, only to find that the observatory road is closed today!

My car was covered with a redish powder this morning.

I believe that most of the time, these chem clouds pass over us, and land on the san gabriel mountains, or in the mojave. But not today and yesterday, they were coming right down on us. It was disgusting.

I wanted to direct your attention to the satellite photos from yesterday from the link on your site. Zoom in to the 250 meter setting (it worked yesterday). The photo's show the chemtrails better than I've ever seen them on satellite photos. They are out at sea.

What the hell is going on? Why don't other people notice this? It's so obvious. Are people really that caught up in their little bubbles, talking away on their cell phones, that they don't even see what's going on around them?

It's pathetic,

Check out this PDF file. I'll try to attach it to this email.

Anyhow, thanks for listening.

By the way...Nice to make your acquaintance!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chemtrails and H1N1 Connection?

Watching the skies for an H1N1 connection

It is unclear whether this is dawn or dusk; but this sky is loaded with sky trails. Many feel these cloud streaks are purposely laid and contain chemicals meant to filter down and compromise our immune systems. Contributed photo

Former Hensonville teacher among those who believe disease is linked to the ‘chemtrail’ phenomenon

By Claude Haton
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers
Published: Tuesday, November 3, 2009 2:18 AM EST

WINDHAM — Just as the H1N1 vaccine is becoming available, many people, including some medical practitioners, are questioning its safety based in part on the speed with which the new vaccine has been brought to market. A local man is lending his voice to the protest based on the ingredients involved, adding another element he and others feel might be connected with those straight line clouds you often see high in the sky.

Tom Skarimbas of Hensonville, a former English, French and Spanish teacher who now works as a salesman in the communications industry, has been studying ‘chemtrails’ for about two years now. Chemtrails are said to be a variation of the contrails one normally observes emanating from the exhaust of jetliners at high altitudes.

Skarimbas’ personal study of atmospheric science has led him to believe, along with growing number of others, that chemicals are being spread aerially, possibly in a effort to depopulate the planet. (Chemtrails differ from the aerial spraying of pesticides over agricultural areas or fire retardant drops over wildfires, both of which occur at much lower altitudes.)

Skarimbas explained that he doesn’t think the government was behind this program, rather they are more likely unwitting dupes infiltrated by an outside shadow organization. The terms “Illuminati” and “New World Order” came into play. Both terms refer to secret societies bent on shaping civilization to their beliefs. Information on both is widely available online.

Skarimbas confirmed that for some people, it all might sound outlandish and absurd, but observed that truth is often stranger than fiction.

One only has to trace history back about 60-70 years to find a very real example of a relatively small group of power brokers who attempted to take over the world with a ‘master race’ and effect a ‘final solution’ to cleanse their society of ethnic minorities, other unwanted groups and generally anyone who opposed their ideology. They succeeded in killing more than 6 million people and plunged the planet into a long and bloody world war before finally being defeated at tremendous cost in lives, resources and materiel.

The Thousand Year Reich of the Nationalist-Socialist party in Germany, the Nazis, came very close to succeeding. There are still veterans living today who fought against the Nazis and can testify to the horrors found in the death camps where Jews, Gypsies and other populations thought inferior by the leaders of the Third Reich were slaughtered.

Back to chemtrails. Google the term and you will find a host of sites devoted to this phenomenon. Numerous images will become available as well.

Chemtrails appear similar to the contrails commonly seen venting from passenger jets. The difference, say believers, is that chemtrails spread wider and hang in the sky longer than contrails. According to varying sources, chemtrails began appearing in the mid to late 1990s.

There are also a number of sites and bloggers that debunk the chemtrail phenomena. The switch from turbojet to turbofan engines over the last 20 years is cited as one reason for the difference in contrail appearances. The increased number of high altitude jets is also cited.

Debunkers also conclude that unless they wear masks all the time, those behind the spraying would be breathing the same air as the general population, putting themselves at risk. Government sources claim there is no chemtrail phenomena.

Generally, the debunkers appear to be in the minority.

Skarimbas, who works most of his day outdoors, has been watching chemtrails being spread right before his eyes.

“I see these things constantly,” he said. “I have seen the planes turn the chemtrails on and off.

Skarimbas has also watched contrails being spread and says he can see the difference.

“Contrails dissipate very quickly,” he said.

Among chemtrail websites you will find various theories on how chemtrails are spread as well as their purpose.

One theory claims they are being spread to combat global warming by filtering sunlight. Skarimbas found the notion laughable.

“Why do they spray at night?” he offered. Also, they are so wispy they could hardly block much light.

“The idea that (they) could diminish global warming is ludicrous.”

Online, Dr. Stan Montieth of California is a student of geopolitics and the host of the Radio Liberty website and radio programs. He believes that Western civilization is in for a rude surprise. Montieth is the author of numerous books, including “Brotherhood of Darkness,” which claims secret societies are attempting to influence the course of civilization.

Montieth, as do many others, finds ulterior motives in everyday programs that they feel subvert the advancement of civilization. Montieth offers the notion that “reality is often scoffed at while illusion is often king.”

Chemtrails, Skarimbas said, are chemicals laced through the atmosphere with the intention of compromising our immune systems, with the masterstroke to be delivered on an individual basis, possibly through a vaccine.

“This is not my idea,” Skarimbas emphasized. “This a pre-existing theory … that the swine flu vaccine will carry squalene and could be quite deadly.”

According to online medical sources, squalene is a common ingredient in vaccines and other drugs as an adjuvent, which modify the affects of other components within the drug or vaccine. A common source of squalene is shark liver oil.

Opponents to its use claim that squalene can cause an immune system response similar to that experienced after the first Gulf war, when soldiers became sickened after receiving anthrax vaccines to help combat expected chemical attacks from the Iraqis.

Gulf War Syndrome, the healthcare website (“Squalene, swine flu vaccine’s dirty little secret exposed”) says is the result of the use of squalene in the vaccine.

These claims are repeated at websites such as ‘Prison Planet’ and Info Wars.

“The whole idea is that the immune system has been weakened for years,” by fallout from the chemtrails, Skarimbas said. Now the squalene can supposedly do its damage easily.”

--- end ---


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why the Chemtrails?

Good question! Why the chemtrails?

With any infarious activity, we need to follow the money - who is making a profit?

For sure, Big Pharma and the medical community is getting rich as folks become ill not only from the polluted air but also from poisons in the food (i.e aspartame) and contamination in the water (i.e. fluoride). And there is big money in questionable medical 'remedies' like chemotherapy.

Another purpose of Chemtrails is weather control/modification, but what comes to mind more than that is the infamous NASA Blue Beam Project which has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the antichrist at its head.

This is Bible prophecy.

What should we do?

Proverbs 3:5-8 tells us to, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones."

Also read John 3 and Matthew 24.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chemtrails Near London, UK

The short video was taken last year outside of London in the UK.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is This???

Is this supposed to be a cloud??

Never saw anything like this growing up!

Nowadays, we see this weirdness all the time.

It's from Chemtrails.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look UP

About 1 hour ago, this is what I saw when I looked UP!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today Around Noon in Sonoma

The following photos were taken within minutes of one another showing how quickly a chemtrail is produced above our heads...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sonoma Skies A Few Days Ago

For the most part, I am happy to report that the last couple of months have been clear and blue with only a few chemtrails.

However, every now and again, the sky fills up with white chem gunk as shown in these recent photos.

Any other Sonomans looking up?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weather modification, chemtrails, and geo-engineering what is happening in the sky?


Weather modification, chemtrails, and geo-engineering what is happening in the sky?

August 31, 2:41 PM
Manhattan Environmental News Examiner
Christopher Croce


It happens all over the world without any public approval. In Germany, Italy, the UK, China, America, all over, airplanes are leaving ominous trails across the sky. These aerosol trails contain particles that linger for hours, getting dispersed by the wind and eventually falling to earth.
Starting in WWII as a way to manipulate radar systems, the military would spread particle clouds in the sky containing aluminum, metallized glass fibers, or plastic. The particles would give a false echo on radar systems and proved to be perfect cover to airplanes over a battlefield. This program called CHAFF is still being used in American skies without any real explanation as to why.

Now this type of intervention in our stratosphere has been applied to geo-engineering in the form of weather modification. The most publicized event was the 2008 Olympics where the Chinese used chemicals to control rainfall in Beijing. This is happening all over the world without any regard to the leaching of chemicals into the environment.

In Germany a meteorologist has sued the military for chemtrails that he has repeatedly recorded on radar. The trails were so big he said that there must have been tons of particles dropped to create cloud so huge that seamed to appear instantly on radars. All of those particles fall to the ground and get absorbed into the environment.

In the US an Arkansas man recorded planes leaving trails in the sky and collected a sample of particles that floated down afterward. When he gave the sample to a news agency they had it tested and the results showed unusually high levels of Barium.

Mark Ryan a director of the center for disease control says that short term exposure to Barium can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains and long term exposure causes blood pressure problems and functions to weaken the immune system.

The Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) wrote in a briefing titled Unilateral Geo-engineering that despite great uncertainty and significant risks such as acidification of the ocean, the destruction of coral reefs, and changes in composition of terrestrial ecosystems geo-engineering might be needed to avert or reverse some dramatic change in the climate system.

The bottom line is that geo-engineering may not work as expected, impose large unintended consequences on climate systems as well as terrestrial ecosystems, and the public is not given a choice on the issue.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Pretty much over chemtrails

Taking a break from all this and won't be posting much more on this blog regarding chemtrails until further notice.

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today's Sky in Sonoma

Although there was a lot of blue for a change, we did get some weird looking 'clouds'.