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Chemtrails Over Austin, Texas - Good Explanation


Another Day of Chemtrails

What began as a beautiful spring day with clear blue skies, ended up overcast milky white from chemtrails.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Chemtrail Photos from Scotland

Received an email from Roger in Scotland who sent the following photos:

Below is Roger's email, (He referenced another blog I have called whatsup?) - thanks so much Roger for the amazing photos and for your kind words of encouragment.

May the Lord Jesus Christ lead us both unto all truth I pray!



Got your email wrong so this failed. I didn't know about the Sonoma Chemtrails site so here's another beauty for you which Clifford Carnicom said he wanted to use but did not. This concerned a well publicised military exercise and about 6 weeks later I became ill with a highly debilitating flu. Never had anything like it before. It lasted at least 6 months but I still seem to have a cough. What Clifford had to say was he had never been able to get circular chemtrails like this which demonstrated targeting.

Personally I would not be surprised if I were a victim of weapon testing as 6 weeks later I had no energy for several weeks to even get out and paint my home which was what I was doing at the time.

God bless.

Subject: YOUR SITE
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 14:46:34 +0000

Hi Cathy

Just a note to say I have enjoyed reading your site and hope to return. What I wanted to say was nice to find a sis who is switched on. The whole thing gets complicated when you start to get into the Billy Graham thing and to be honest I have spoken to his daughter Ann having listened to her and she seemed real sincere. Guess that's why I put it to others not to put faith in people. What a wicked world we live in.

I found you having you tube searched "Chemtrails x marks the spot" so am sending you a photo I snapped a couple of days ago in not so bonnie Scotland as I sit yet again under a grey chemical sky.

Please feel free to put this photo on your site. The vertical chemtrail is roughly following controlled airspace known as an airway. The horizontal chemtrail just should not be there. The two aircraft passed at exactly the same point and would have collided if at the same altitude. Frankly as this occurred in Class A controlled airspace (unless it was above FL245 - something I need to look into) such should not have occurred and was clearly deliberate.

Given He returns on the clouds I have to submit this was a cross of a different sort. (As well as fake clouds.)

As you know, you are on the right road now but then the truth is that we travel on a journey that was accomplished before we set out.



What's Going On Above Your Head?


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Strange Spraying Cylinder Sprays Over Italy 2008


This object looks just like what I saw this morning and last Friday (see previous posts)


Please comment below, folks - WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS??

Mystery Wingless Wonder Flies By Again!

This fuzzy photo is of a similiar looking aircraft (?) that I saw and documented on Friday, March 20, 2009.

Currently (11am Pacific time), we have totally clear blue skies here in Sonoma and while outside about 30 minutes ago, I happened to notice a silver SOMETHING fly overhead. Normally, I would assume it was a plane since my eyesight isn't the best even with glasses, but I snapped the above pic anyway.

A friend who saw the video clip "Wingless Wonder - What is it?", emailed the following to me yesterday:

"Cathy, the spray vehicle is a type of magnetic craft. Sometimes ordinary eyesight cannot see the whole object if is a 4D thing. This accounts for oddly shaped flying things instead of recognizable shapes. The explanation is that as a 3D object casts a 2D shadow, a 4D object casts a 3D shadow, therefor, 3D eyesight sees only that."

AND HERE IS A FOLLOW UP EMAIL after showing my friend the above photo:

"Very interestlng, (spoken in a Gestapo accent). I am speculating, but if the chemspray controllers now have such advanced machines to deliver the aerosols, then they might be able to base them at the production facilities thus eliminating the need to transport the stuff to an airfield. This insures against a spill and allows fast arrival over the target zone assuming the vehicle doesn't generate sonic booms and/or is teleportation capable. You may be wondering if such UFO type craft imply an off-world source. Magnetic super-light speed travel is common, but vehicles intended for global death projects would almost surely be based on earth, You would be dangerous with a telephoto camera."

What do you think??

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

After a Couple of Days of Blue Skies, We Get Hit Again Today


More Are Looking Up

Chemtrails over Sonoma today.

‘Chemtrails’ overhead
By Therese Emmanuel Grey - 02/25/2009

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. So did my daughter. We have not been around anyone sick, but yesterday, we went outside to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. My kids and I couldn’t help noticing the planes zigzaging back and forth in “X” formations, one after the next, leaving white trails, that slowly dissipate into eery looking “clouds.” We’ve noticed it for years, over Bozeman, over Great Falls, over Billings and Helena.

I looked up “chemtrails” on You Tube and there is some amazing footage. Apparently, this is going on all over the world.

Why, with all of the other environmental concerns that we have, does this toxic spraying continue above our heads, year after year? Where are these planes coming from? They can only dump the white stuff for a few miles and then more come. Is it the military base here in Great Falls? I would like to know.

If this is a covert vaccination progam, what are we breathing, and who made the decision on our behalf? And who funds this massive operation at a time when money seems to be running out everywhere? I’m sending a copy of this letter to our representatives. Help us out, please. It’s time for Big Sky Country’s big sky to stay blue. If not for us, then for our children.

Therese Emmanuel Grey

P.O. Box 928
Emigrant, MT


3rdEyeNews wrote on Mar 12, 2009 5:49 PM:

"Well it sure ain't the Post Office"

Exactly. It is obviously government-funded, but I assume the actual operations are outsourced via top secret scientific-military contracts. Spraying activities seem to be limited to NATO counties, but that's just my observation. Members of the US Air Force have reported knowledge of the project under the guise of a shield to combat global warming. The same cover story used in this children's text book:

The Air Force isn't exactly secretive about their desire for weather control either:

Neither can they claim to be unaware of the phenomenon:

Note: The oft-observed parallel lines are in formed when a plane is repeated laying a chemtrail in the same spot as the wind steadily carries the last line away. See these great time-lapse videos for examples:

anon12345 wrote on Mar 12, 2009 12:28 PM:

Please check out my website with first hand pictoral evidence: "Chemtrails over Pennsylvania"

mark1228 wrote on Mar 10, 2009 7:29 PM:

3rdeye- Do you know how is laying the chemtrails down?

3rdEyeNews wrote on Mar 9, 2009 10:23 PM:

For Those Still Interested:

Chemtrails are very real.

They are NOT contrails.

Contrails should visibly appear 1-2 inches behind high-altitude jets on clear days and will last NO LONGER THAN 1 MINUTE.

Chemtrails are generally laid down in X's, grids, or parallel lines and can last for hours and hours as they slowly and conspicuously dissipate into the atmosphere creating a dusty, grey haze.

Chemtrails contain micro-filament metals and are used as visible markers for otherwise invisible electromagnetic activity in the atmosphere by those who seek to manipulate it. They are also used for seeding storm clouds so that they might be broken up to prevent rain.

The weather in the developed world is being actively manipulated via electromagnetic manipulators such as the previously mentioned HAARP ionospheric heater in Alaska.

For some photographic evidence try the links below:

anon12345 wrote on Feb 26, 2009 1:43 PM:

HAARP is real and it cannot be denied. Tin foil hat or not.

thedukeofhelena wrote on Feb 25, 2009 10:38 AM:

Therese, this has been going on in Montana since the 90's. Yes, they are "chemtrails". I guess people must not look up very much because I remember the days back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and before when the skies were absolutely clear.

A contrail from an aircraft will dissolve immediately, since it's only water vapor. These cross hatched patterns and lines that are "chemtrails" do not do that. They simply melt into a gloppy mass that then floats down upon everyone and everything and makes people/animals sick. I think it's HAARP activity.

anon12345 wrote on Feb 25, 2009 6:50 AM:

There is a logical explanation for the chemtrails, though one which is unsettling. Chemtrails are simply a tool employed by the H.A.A.R.P. (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project). This project is a weapon/research device which is a vestige of the Reagan "Star Wars" program. The metals sprayed into the sky reflect sunlight back into the upper levels of the earth's atmosphere in order to heat any area of the atmosphere known as the "ionosphere." Once heated, radio and electromagnetic waves can be broadcasted and/or large amounts of potential energy locked up in the ionosphere can be accessed.

Yes. This is happening everywhere. I woke up to a chemtrail patchwork over the Philadelphia region this morning.

Here is a primer on H.A.A.R.P

Chemtrails Polluting Shasta Water?

Recent water samples taken from the Mt. Shasta area indicate high levels of aluminum found in rainwater samples. Shown here is a rain guage where the most recent samples were taken.

Citizen concern lingers over aluminum in water
By Charlie Unkefer
Mount Shasta Area Newspapers
Wed Mar 04, 2009, 05:39 PM PST

Mount Shasta, Calif. -
Several Mt. Shasta area residents continue to express their concerns over what they say are toxic levels of aluminum showing up in area rain, snow and pond water samples taken in and around the City of Mt. Shasta.

Recent test results submitted to the Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers by two concerned citizens show levels of aluminum ranging from 198 ug/l (micro grams per liter) to 61,100 ug/l, with the most recent sample taken from a rain gauge within the Mt. Shasta city limits on Feb. 1, showing 1010 ug/l.

According to standards established by the California Environmental Protection agency, this number exceeds the 1000 ug/l Primary MCL maximum contaminant level) for aluminum, qualifying it as unfit for drinking.

The concerns over the apparent high levels of aluminum first surfaced last spring, as a small group of Siskiyou and Shasta county residents began expressing their alarm over what they claim is an aerial spraying program intended to control the weather or thwart global warming.
The issue, commonly referred to as “chemtrails,” is seen by many as nothing more than an internet hoax. Others, however, claim that the lingering plumes of exhaust from planes is part of a world wide program to create a heavy metal “shield” in the atmosphere.

Beginning last spring, some area residents began asserting their consternation over the long lingering clouds seen throughout the area. Proponents of the theory say that contrails, the normal water vapor emitted from jet engines, dissipate quickly, while chemtrails linger for up to half a day, often morphing into a cirrus cloud- like canopy, creating an overcast sky.

History of testing
The regional testing for aluminum began over claims that the exhaust trails consist of aluminum, barium and strontium. Since May, 2008, over 40 samples have been collected, with the majority showing high levels of aluminum.

“This rain water is essentially poisonous,” said Frances Mangels, one of the citizens involved in the sampling.

Mangels has expressed his concerns to local governments and state and federal agencies but has heard no responses to his inquiries.

Science questioned
Perry LeBeouf, a California Department of Water Resources data officer, said the MCL level for any given potential contaminant is typically used to evaluate factors relative to the quality and safety of drinking water systems.

LeBeouf noted that most of the tests for aluminum are done in and around drinking water systems and that there is not a lot of information about aluminum in natural water systems or rain and snow water.

According to LeBeouf, “Aluminum is not very well understood.” He also emphasized that it is a commonly found element and that the levels vary from area to area.

This sentiment was furthered by Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control Officer Eldon Beck, who said that aluminum is not something that is regularly tested in Siskiyou County other than the drinking water system requirements.

Beck noted, “I’ve read reports that there are naturally recurring amounts of aluminum in the atmosphere,” furthering the sentiment expressed by LeBeouf that the samples, while interesting, need more background information to be fully understood.

“I’m fascinated by these numbers and would like to know what this area looks like compared to other areas (in terms of aluminum content in the water),” said Mt. Shasta biologist Rene Henery, who noted that he was not aware of any baseline data for this element in the region but had his concerns that they numbers are high relative to the CEPA primary MCL standards. “Aluminum is definitely super-toxic,” he noted.

One point noted by LeBeouf was that it is not just a question of how much aluminum is in the water. “The PH level of water is also a factor,” he said, noting that there is a broader context that needs exploration whenever sampling occurs.

Guy Chetelat of the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board, one of the primary agencies involved in regional surface and groundwater issues, noted that his agencies had little information about aluminum levels in water. He said he was aware of the concerns being expressed by Shasta and Siskiyou County residents. “There’s a level of public concern around this and we are looking into it,” he said.

Concerns rebuffed
The concerns around aluminum were presented to the Mt. Shasta City Council this past summer as well as the Shasta County Board of Supervisors. In both cases, the governing bodies chose not to further investigate the issue, questioning the validity and scope of the tests, as well as their respective jurisdictions over the issue.

Speaking more generally about the issue, Beck noted, “They (the County Supervisors) did some research and decided that the chemtrail issue was a non-issue, and we left it at that.”

Thank you for the abuse report. We will review the report and take appropriate action.
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kevinvl1 week ago

Are there any government or reputable agencies that have conducted testing? Your article makes all this sound very plausible that our drinking water is toxic. Couldn't you provide the other side of the story?
frenchie1 week ago

Yes there are organizations like the National Center of Biotechnology:
frenchie1 week ago

High levels of Silver (Ag), Barium (Ba) and Strontium (Sr) and low levels of copper (Cu) have been measured in the antlers, soils and pastures of the deer that are thriving in the chronic wasting disease (CWD) cluster zones in North America in relation to the areas where CWD and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) have not been reported. The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources--stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with 'cloud seeding' Ag or Ba crystal nuclei for rain making in these drought prone areas of North America, the atmospheric spraying with Ba based aerosols for enhancing/refracting radar and radio signal communications as well as the spreading of waste Ba drilling mud from the local oil/gas well industry across pastureland. These metals have subsequently bioconcentrated up the foodchain and into the mammals who are dependent upon the local Cu deficient ecosystems. A dual eco-prerequisite theory is proposed on the aetiology of TSEs which is based upon an Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn replacement binding at the vacant Cu/Zn domains on the cellular prion protein (PrP)/sulphated proteoglycan molecules which impairs the capacities of the brain to protect itself against incoming shockbursts of sound and light energy. Ag/Ba/Sr chelation of free sulphur within the biosystem inhibits the viable synthesis of the sulphur dependent proteoglycans, which results in the overall collapse of the Cu mediated conduction of electric signals along the PrP-proteoglycan signalling pathways; ultimately disrupting GABA type inhibitory currents at the synapses/end plates of the auditory/circadian regulated circuitry, as well as disrupting proteoglycan co-regulation of the growth factor signalling systems which maintain the structural integrity of the nervous system. The resulting Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based compounds seed piezoelectric crystals which incorporate PrP and ferritin into their structure. These ferrimagnetically ordered crystals multireplicate and choke up the PrP-proteoglycan conduits of electrical conduction throughout the CNS. The second stage of pathogenesis comes into play when the pressure energy from incoming shock bursts of low frequency acoustic waves from low fly jets, explosions, earthquakes, etc. (a key eco-characteristic of TSE cluster environments) are absorbed by the rogue 'piezoelectric' crystals, which duly convert the mechanical pressure energy into an electrical energy which accumulates in the crystal-PrP-ferritin aggregates (the fibrils) until a point of 'saturation polarization' is reached. Magnetic fields are generated on the crystal surface, which initiate chain reactions of deleterious free radical mediated spongiform neurodegeneration in surrounding tissues. Since Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based piezoelectric crystals are heat resistant and carry a magnetic field inducing pathogenic capacity, it is proposed that these ferroelectric crystal pollutants represent the transmissible, pathogenic agents that initiate TSE.
frenchie1 week ago
frenchie1 week ago

Hermit7 days ago

Who SPECIFICALLY did this testing, and on what date was it done? Where specifically was it conducted?

I hope it wasn't just a psychic or a dowser.
frenchie6 days ago

tap google chemtrails
there are a lot of subjects over
mtrose6 days ago

In the article in the Mt. Shasta Herald, Citizen Concern Lingers Over Aluminum In Water, Perry LeBeouf the data officer from the California Department of Water Resources made the following comment, there is not a lot of information about aluminum in natural water systems or rain and snow water. I would suggest his comment is not accurate. There is much we do know about aluminum in California water systems. I encourage him to speak to a leading expert in this area, Rosalind Peterson, a former USDA scientist, Co-Founder of Agriculture Defense Coalition and Founder of California Skywatch. She won several awards and recognition for her extensive efforts to protect drinking water supplies from toxic chemical contamination in Martinez, California. She has spent hundreds of hours pouring over the following CD:

The California State Department of Health has a CD that is available to be purchased by the public for $100.00. This CD contains the results of every water test taken between 1984 and 2006, in the State of California from every public drinking water supply, this includes wells. If you would like your own copy of this CD please contact:

California State Department of Health Drinking Water Division at (916) 449-5568 and request, The California State Department of Health CD (1984-2006). Or send $100.00 to Drinking Water Program, Post Office Box 942732, Sacramento, California 94234-0732. Or a CD containing all of this data is available to the public upon payment of a fee to the California State Department of Health Drinking Water Division in Sacramento.

Peterson discovered the following, while researching through the water data:

1984 - 2007

The California State Department of Health, Drinking Water Division, Sacramento, California, collects all of the water test data from every public drinking water source in the State of California.

These tests are required by the EPA and the State of California, due to possible health effects, when various metals, herbicides, pesticides and other substances are found above state or federal standards in drinking water sources.

1) A review of all water tests in the State of California between 1984 and 2006 from results on this CD was conducted over a six-month period. Every water test result over -0- was analyzed and checked to find any unusual water contaminant data. The results of this search yielded some unusual statistics here in Mendocino and several other Northern California Counties.

2) It was discovered that Barium, Magnesium, Lead, Manganese, Aluminum, Iron, Sodium, and Specific Conductance (the ability of water to conduct a charge), were being found under unusual circumstances in our drinking water supplies. Unusual spikes were occurring in almost all drinking water sources in Mendocino County and in other counties throughout the State of California.

Prior to 1990, these spikes were not evident in drinking water tests results (most tests results were -0-), unless there were historic levels in the water shown by test results each year from 1984. The test results do show that in non-spike years these contaminants were not found in most water sources. Why?

3) These specific spikes started in 1991, and have continued in certain specific years through 2006. The interesting part of these water spikes is that these contaminants almost always spike at the same time and in the same year. If, for example, Specific Conductance is high, then all or almost all the other test results are high at the same time. (Other test results revealed that Boron, Silver and sometimes Zinc were also present during these spikes in some water tests.)

The Albion Mutual Water Company East Well, used as only one example, shows Specific Conductance spiking in 1995, along with Magnesium and Lead. Again in 2001, Specific Conductance spikes and so does Magnesium and Manganese. The years prior to and in between these dates show -0- results. The Albion Mutual Water Company West Well, for example shows all -0- readings until 1998, when Specific Conductance, Magnesium, Sodium and Aluminum all spike.

The Calpella County Water District has definite spike patterns of Magnesium, Barium, Iron and Manganese in the years 1995, 1998 and 2001. The Covelo Eel River Charter School Well 01, shows Magnesium, Barium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Specific Conductance spikes in 1999 and 2001, with Specific Conductance reaching a high of 5,390.

In 1999, the Fort Bragg CSP-Mackerricher State Park Lake Cleone Intake Supply Raw, water tests show spiking in 1999 for Specific Conductance (1290), Magnesium (20), Chloride (325), Barium (54) and aluminum (64). Note that test results are in parts per billion. What is interesting is that Iron(1600 ppb) spikes in 2001, along with Manganese (2200 ppb), in this raw water supply.

The unusual part is that these water test results are consistent in almost every single public drinking water source in all of Mendocino County, whether in Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Hopland, Laytonville or Willits. The spikes are consistent in some years, vary in parts per billion (ppb), but show that something unusual is happening to the air in Mendocino County which is impacting the quality of our water. Since these diverse water sources are not connected it is believed that air pollution is the major source of these contaminants in our drinking water supplies.

4) Why are these spikes only found since 1994? Why do these contaminants only spike as a group and not, in the majority of cases, independently of one another? And why is every single public drinking water source showing some form of this spike pattern? The California Air Resources Board Statewide Summary for Iron, Aluminum, Iron, Zinc, Manganese and Barium, also show positive air test results between 1989 and 2001. Our water test spikes appear to correlate strongly with California Air Quality test results. Why?

5) What is causing these water spikes in Mendocino County? How is this impacting the quality of the water we drink? What impact do these spikes have on public health, the quality of our water, our air, soil and trees? What is the source of these pollutants? Industry, jet fuel emissionswhat is happening in Mendocino County and in other counties throughout California? There are many questions and few answers. Why are the California Air Resources Control Board Air Testing Results correlating in some respects with our positive water test results?

To read the full article see:

What we do know about our underground water in this area is, that it is not typical to find any aluminum in the underground water sources. When a Mt. Shasta City resident called our local Dannon water plant and asked if there was any naturally occurring aluminum in their spring water, the company said, no.

And according to Peterson, the City of Redding water districts water reports show most of their water test as non-detectable for aluminum or a minute amount (55 ug/L) appearing in some of their surface waters in some years. They have cease testing for aluminum and barium since 2003. Why?

Given that Shasta County and Siskiyou County residents brought their aluminum and barium contamination concerns to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors, why havent they resumed testing for aluminum and barium in the water? And why hasnt Shasta County or Siskiyou County Air Quality Boards begun to test for aluminum and barium in our areas atmosphere?

The accumulation factor should also be considered. Two lab tests results were taken in Shasta County. The samples were taken from a filtered location (forested hilltop away from any highway or industry). The first sample was taken from a pond, which was lined with a Fish Safe Firestone Pond Guard liner, which is considered safe for aquatic life. The water sampled was an accumulation of over 1- years (18 months). This water test result came back at 375,000 ug/l, that is 375 times the maximum contaminant level (MCL). The MCL for drinking water in this state is 1,000 ug/l or 1 mg/l. There were only two water sources for this pond, rainwater and well. The well water was tested at the time the pond was filled and it tested, ND (not detected) for aluminum.

cliffbab****1 day ago

mtrose44 minutes ago

Here is my response to the flippant remark by the great intellectual giant, above, 'Oh my god we are all going to die', regarding the unprecedented amounts of aluminum that has been documented in our area's water.

This aluminum, barium and strontium issue is not going away no matter how much some want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist. No it isn't killing most of us immediately, although these serious neuro-toxins are very likely having serious impacts upon all of us and especially the most vulnerable in our community:

1) Babies and the very young children whose bodies are smaller with immune systems not fully developed. We have unprecedented rates of asthma, autism and attention deficit disorders in this very community and in all over our country.

2) people whose health is already compromised due is illness or old age. There has be a dramatic rise in Alzheimer's in our older populations (and exposure to aluminum has been indicated as one factor).

3) The bees, now the bats (in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee), trees and fish are dying at unprecedented rates in our state and around the country, AND NOBODY HAS DONE THE NECESSARY EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES TO SEE IF DISPERSING MASSIVE ALUMINUM OXIDE PARTICLES AT UNPRECEDENTED RATES IS CONTRIBUTING TO THE MASSIVE DIE-OFFS.

Las Vegas Tribune article (a large mainstream paper) reports it quite well:

'residents are increasingly noticing the appearance of chemical trails overhead. Such chemtrails' are substantially different in appearance to the normal condensation trails left by jet airliners. The difference is that while condensation trails are composed of water vapor that dissipates rapidly, 'chemtrails' linger much longer and spread out over time to eventually cover the sky with a thin haze Especially disturbing for residents of heavily chemtrailed communities like Las Vegas is a 'chemtrail sickness' associated with heavy spray days leaving many stricken people complaining of the 'flu' and acute allergic reactions months along with debilitating fatigue - and something even more worrying. See: Las Vegas Tribune article, Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas at: Vegas Tribune.htm

Also for all the chemtrail deniers out there google: 'Don't Ask About The Weather' documentary (you can watch it for free on youtube) then lets have an informed debate, until then you are WOEFULLY UNINFORMED and not worth another moment of my time.

--- end ---

BLOG NOTE: It is called "Don't Talk About the Weather"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hollywood Does Chemtrails: Toxic Skies

Wonder what the REAL agenda is here?

Here is the trailer to a 2008 movie called 'Toxic Skies' starring Anne Heche.


As always, the comments are very interesting. This clip was also posted back in Dec 2008 and here are a few of comments from there...

From conax133:
"I'm an Air Force veteran, E-6, 14 years active duty ending in 1986. In 1994 I saw the first chemtrails near a large logistical base. They are concentrated over populated areas, they contain barium, aluminum, and dessicated blood pathogens, as well as nano-tech particle. Possible uses are weather modification, lowering of sunlight levels , communication in the ELF band, and general poisoning of our environment. The High Altitude Auroral Research Project is probably a major benefactor, as this metallic haze turns our atmosphere into a plasma that conducts miocrowaves effectively for weather modification, and SCALAR warfare. Read up on Nikola Tesla and HAARP..."

From seektress
"I have been working on this since 1999, with Clifford Carnicom & many others. The key to good dis-info is to make as much of it as can be factual. It's those little lies & twists that deceive and help install the giggle factor. I know of no serious researcher that thinks illegal aerosol operations are using laced jet fuel. That idea flies out the window pretty fast. The Discovery channel's treatment of the issue used the same device. Google "Patently Obvious" Naaaww...they wouldn't do thaaaaat."

From Techstuf:
"Surely you people see the point to this "movie".....? The powers that be know it is a numbers game. They know that people prefer the power of entertainment, diversion, propaganda. They also know that by putting this movie out there, as they have done with numerous other movies, that whenever some well meaning person tries to inform others about the reality of chemtrails, the ignorant movie lover will laugh and say, "you watch too many movies" God bless em"

Toxic Skies from Johnson Production Group

"Toxic Skies - Dir. by Andrew C. Erin; starring Anne Heche, James Tupper

"For years the government has been involved in a secret operation involving contrails - the visible lines of condensed water vapor that jets leave in the sky. If you asked them, they would suggest that this is done in the name of environmental protection - a safeguard that will alleviate global warming by reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. The real truth: these contrails are actually a toxic substance, or virus, deliberately sprayed upon an unsuspecting populace in order to "weed out the old and the sick".

"As Spokane's hospitals begin filling up with patients suffering from a deadly sickness, Dr. Tess Martin, a specialist from the Global Health Association, embarks on a mission to find the truth. Before long, the virus spreads like wildfire and becomes a full-on epidemic, with Tess' own 10 year old son now among the infected. With over 70 percent of Spokane dying from the virus, Tess and her son's only chance of survival is to get out of the city and find a cure, but the President has declared a national emergency and quarantined all of Spokane -- nobody is allowed out, and nobody is allowed in.

"When the President passes a bill allowing the use of military force to keep Spokane from spreading the virus, it's up to Tess to find a way to break free of the city in order to find a cure and expose the government's deadly conspiracy. "

Trailer mp4
Trailer wmv

August 23, 2009 UPDATE

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

The movie was aired on Australian TV, March 3, 2009:

U.S. Air Force Study Proposed 2009 Influenza Pandemic in 1996 (from Alex Jones/Infowars - pls with discernment):

Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Chemtrails?

"Chemtrail spraying appears to compromise our immune systems. It may be lowering our resistance to both disease and to the removal of our basic rights. Aerosols are also being sprayed to seed the atmosphere with barium. The HAARP Patent calls for spraying barium in the atmosphere to increase HAARP’s efficacy. HAARP is capable of more than you are likely to believe. HAARP quadrupled its power and published plans call for operating HAARP at one billion watts. HAARP can cause massive blackouts. Its inventor Bernard Eastlund seeks to abort tornadoes and to 'steer' parts of the ionosphere around with it, among other things. It appears that chemtrails are sometimes sprayed with stealth technology. There are several different types of both aerosols and sprayers. It is important is to understand that a warmongering elite uses war as a social and economic engineering tool. They depend on this tool and probably don't know how to function without it. They don’t really respect national, religious, or individual rights and identities. They know that successful war requires a constant updating of weapons and strategies. The aerosol operation appears to be a part of this modern arsenal."

From "Is WW III the Reason for Chemtrails? Could be we're already into World War Three and don’t even know it." by Lydia Mancini (link)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chemtrails or Contrails? Watch 'Don't Talk About the Weather'

Just rewatched the excellent video series Don't Talk About the Weather and am posting the first clip here:


Watch All of the Series

More info at Sonoma Chemtrails

View Recent examples of chemtrails worldwide

The last clip (27 of 27) of the series