Friday, February 29, 2008

Media Blackout Continues on Chemtrail Issue


"The media black out continues on the chemtrail issue. Since most media is owned by a very few, it is easy to forbid talk about the aerosol spray operations taking place in our skies. Silence is not an option."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another day of the spraying onslaught

Study: Contaminant levels high in parks

Received the following article today with question: "Contrail connection?"

Study: Contaminant levels high in parks

By MATTHEW BROWN, Associated Press
Last updated: 5:42 p.m., Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Pesticides, heavy metals and other airborne contaminants are raining down on national parks across the West and Alaska, turning up at sometimes dangerously high levels in lakes, plants and fish.

A sweeping, six-year federal study released Tuesday found evidence of 70 contaminants in 20 national parks and monuments -- from Denali in Alaska and Glacier in Montana, to Big Bend in Texas and Yosemite in California.

The findings revealed that some of the Earth's most pristine wilderness is still within reach of the toxic byproducts of the industrial age.

"Contaminants are everywhere. You can't get more remote than these northern parts of Alaska and the high Rockies," said Michael Kent, a fish researcher with Oregon State University who co-authored the study.

The substances detected ranged from mercury produced by power plants and industrial chemicals such as PCBs to the banned insecticides dieldrin and DDT. Those can cause health problems in humans including nervous system damage, dampened immune system responses and lowered reproductive success.

Contaminants that accumulated in fish exceeded human consumption thresholds at the eight parks that researchers focussed on most: Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Mount Rainier, Olympic, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Gates of the Arctic and Denali national parks and Alaska's Noatak National Preserve.

Also, mercury levels at the eight parks and DDT levels at Glacier and Sequoia and Kings Canyon exceeded health thresholds for fish-eating wildlife. Kent said he found airborne contaminants are causing male fish to develop female organs in some parks.

Much of the contamination is thought to have come from overseas -- traveling global air currents from Europe and Asia.

But researchers said they were surprised to find substantial contamination from the local use of legal pesticides, particularly in agricultural areas around Glacier, Rocky Mountain and Sequoia and Kings Canyon parks.

University of Washington atmospheric researcher Daniel Jaffe said scientists previously thought banning substances like DDT and dieldrin would lessen the persistence of chemicals in the environment.

"We replaced them with pesticides with much shorter lifetimes in the environment," Jaffe said. "But in places like the Central Valley of California, we are applying many, many tons of these every year. ... We now know they can move substantial distances."

A parks advocacy group called the federal report "a wake-up call" that should mobilize Congress to take a tougher stance on air pollution.

"We can take steps to reduce mercury emissions from power plants, steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming," said Will Hammerquist with the National Parks Conservation Association.

The $6 million study is known as the Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project. It is the most comprehensive to date on the distribution and concentration of contaminants outside developed areas, according to the project's scientific director, Dixon Landers with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that remoteness means less pollution, Landers said many of the parks -- particularly those at higher elevations and in colder climates -- actually are at higher risk.

Mercury from power plants in China, for example, is borne across the Pacific in clouds that rise up when they hit West Coast mountains. That causes the mercury to drop out of the clouds attached to rain droplets or snowflakes, he said.

Release of the study, which was coordinated by the National Park Service, came after a delay of several months. A Park Service spokeswoman, Colleen Flanagan, said the delay was caused by the time needed to analyze the vast volumes of data collected, from 2002 to 2007.

The study also included researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Forest Service.


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Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chemtrails Up Close

The following was copied from here:


At Altitude - Chemtrails Up Close
By A.W.

Jeff - during the first week of this February, I was passenger on a Virgin America Airbus flight, heading East out of San Francisco International Airport.

Once we were cruising at altitude (+/- 30,000 feet) I could not ignore the "Chemspew" (a term coined for the electro-chemical smog that results from massive Chemtrail spraying & attendant accumulation) being generated in front of me and anyone who cared to look out of any window/portal our airplane.

The "Chemplanes" appeared to be flying at the same general altitude as our own flight - zipping past us multi-directionally like angry hornets-- some so close, I actually flinched (scared the $%^@ out of me!) a few times as they shot by and I found myself astonished that no one else seemed to notice this. Wide-eyed, like a kid, I marveled at how just how MANY there were ... from what I could see, the chemplanes were clearly executing a colossal grid pattern of some kind, extending as far I could see to the horizon; I include a sample shot I took of a chemtrail segment of this grid, that had the appearance of an "H" pattern as we cruised by: to me, this demonstrates undeniable INTENT on the part of the pilots creating them.

Most of the "chemplanes" had the appearance of Boeing commercial jetliners; with the exception of a conspicuous minority, which looked like various types of much smaller, faster & more maneuverable private jet aircraft.

Remarkably, the Virgin America Airbus I was a passenger on did not appear to be venting anything at all - no contrails nor chemtrails - even though at the same altitude as most of the planes in the photos I present here. I made certain to get a good look for this. That said, it was instinctively clear to me that any attempt to get some shots to confirm and document this observation would create suspicion/ discomfort among my fellow travelers -- with me asking them to come out from their comfortable seats so a stranger could crawl in past them to better take pictures of the engine nacelle exhaust that just happened to be well behind his assigned seat.

I don't think so. At least, not this time ...

The pictures I did manage to take were extremely difficult to capture: the lighting was intense, ever-shifting & highly saturated with UV content; sun flares abounded. I was straining to see

and shoot through a small portal at high speed (500+ knots) with no way to know when a plane

would approach or from which direction. Most shots actually got away from me, as I had about 4 seconds at most to spot an approach, bring the camera to bear, focus & press the shutter ...

There is no WAY the pilots of our flight were unaware of the foregoing activity, Jeff. IMPOSSIBLE.

The Airbus has sophisticated on-board radar and is continuously tracked in near real-time by ground and satcom systems from takeoff to landing; besides...if EYE can see as much a I did while straining through my squinchy starboard portal, THEY can most certainly see a much wider, panoramic view of chemplanes executing their eco-crimes from many directions, from behind their cockpit windscreen.

Question is: what are commercial pilots told about the chemplanes?

How much do they actually know about such Operations?

What do they tell them-SELVES ... ?

Thank you for your considerate attention and time.

All images were captured at altitude using a Canon high-resolution digital point/shoot cam; the author of said images holds exclusive copyrights to them all & granted exclusive permission to Jeff Rense to present them on his website: .

AC:W© ~ All Rights Reserved UCC 1-207

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Monday, February 18, 2008

2003 Photos from Inside a Chemtrail Plane?

2/23/08 UPDATE
Received this today regarding the photos below: " It is merely a Boeing test engineering setup to alter the center of gravity etc.during flight testing."

Click here to read and see more and here's a 6/17/05 article: Our reporter tours one of the first Airbus A380s


Received these photos today via email.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Link to Carole Pellatt's website

Received this email today - thanks Harriett!

Hello Cathy.

I don't thing we have communicated directly. I am one of the distributors of Clifford Carnicom's Aerosol Crimes.

You have probably already seen the work of Carole Pellatt. I find her photos extraordinary.

Here is one of her recent postings.

Keep up the great work.

Harriett Fels

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weather Warfare

Weather Warfare is the follow-up book to Jerry E. Smith's HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon and covers the 130-year history of military, scientific and commercial efforts at controlling Mother Nature.

The furor over cloud seeding above the Ho Chi Min Trail during the Viet Nam War lead to a 1978 UN treaty banning the use of all environmental processes (weather, earthquakes, tidal waves, etc.) as weapons of war.

After signing that treaty US research allocations dropped from $140 million a year to zero - did Uncle Sam really abandon this research or did the whole program go "black"?

A lengthy chapter on the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) contains the most up to date material now available in book form, including how it might have played a role in the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Smith spends 100 pages on "chemtrails" focusing on "geoengineering" - a scheme to use particles intentionally released into the upper atmosphere to mitigate global warming.

Jerry E. Smith's website:

Friday, February 8, 2008

Look Up, Sonoma!

How can people NOT see all the spraying going on?? Deceived? Brainwashed? Too busy? Please, folks LOOK UP and watch what is going on over your head almost daily!

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are the chemtrails making my co-workers sick?

Flu, colds, whooping cough, pneumonia and other illness with the lungs are afflicting several of my co-workers. Is there a connection to what is being sprayed in the air?