Sunday, July 15, 2007


Conditioning us to readily accept chemtrails as normal, Spirit AeroSystems has a billboard full of chemtrails.

An aerospace manufacturer that was established in 2005 when Onex Corporation acquired what is now Spirit AeroSystems from Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the company's headquarters are in Wichita, Kansas, with additional operations in Tulsa and McAlester, Oklahoma, Prestwick, Scotland, and Samlesbury, England.

Also, go here to also see chemtrails in the animated movie, Over the Hedge - more brainwashing propaganda.

Pixar Studios (now owned by Disney) produced an animated movie called Cars that portrayed chemtrails in a more comical fashion. In keeping with the style of the movie, the chemtrails were in the form of tire tracks.

Again, this is another example of mental conditioning designed to make these long streams left by jets acceptable by the general population, despite that fact that chemtrails only started to appear in large in the past 5 years. Before that, jet "contrails" just happened to behave completely differently for some strange reason.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm sorry - these are NOT normal clouds!

The first 5 photos were taken over my home today in Sonoma, CA, July 12, 2007, at 7:30 am and these "clouds" (not) are the result of evening spraying.

The 6th photo was take also in Sonoma around 1pm over where I work.

And the last 3 photos were taken after I got home around 5pm today.

Saturday, July 7, 2007