Thursday, April 30, 2009

Strange Skies Today in Sonoma


Orange County Chemtrails 4/30/09

Hi Cathy, here are today's chemtrails in Orange County California. The famous x marks the spot for whatever they are doing. Just another day in So Cal on the last day April 2009.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look BEYOND the Chemtrails!

It is 8pm and the skies here in Sonoma are completely covered with chemclouds.

And now with all the fear mongering regarding swine flu everywhere, what's a person to do??

Look BEYOND the Chemtrails to the Lord Jesus Christ who paid for your sin with His blood on the cross and offers salvation and eternal life when you put your faith in the Son of God.

Then with TRUE FREEDOM, you can walk by FAITH and not by fear forever!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16;&version=9;


BEWARE: H5N1 bird flu DNA in Flu Vaccine

"Whatever you do don't opt to recieve a flu jab. It is part of a bigger plan in my opinion. People that get them all say that they are worse after getting it that without. Pls listen to the information."


MOREWARNING: Do Not Get a Flu Vaccine

Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 18, 2009 Washington Satellite Photo

Check out the chemtrail loops just west of Olympia, Washington, on April 18, 2009

Here is the same view in Google Earth

And here is the whole section of northwest USA (aqua link of usa)

Are these Natural or Chemical Clouds?

A friend suggested I take a photo of a chemtrail free day (ha!) with natural clouds. Well, in my attempt to do so, I videoed the only 'clouds' I saw. You tell me: are these natural or chemical clouds?


Friday, April 24, 2009

Chemtrails Cartoon - "ANOTHER Full Day of Chemtrails"


Chemtrail Illness/Morgellons Update

Received this in an email yesterday:

Chemtrail Illness/Morgellons Update
April 24, 2009
Gwen Scott, N.D.

There is some new information that may prove of value in this ongoing effort to identify components in the Chemtrail mix and design mitigating medicines. Much of this critical knowledge comes from the brilliant and unselfish mind of Dr. Mike Castle. He has given me permission to use his name and share his latest findings.

Another “red herring,” or disinformation is being offered to us. We are told that the “Morgellons disease” mystery has been solved. The fibers are really products of GMO foods and cotton. That the outer shell is really “indigestible cellulose.”

Dr. Castle assures me the fibers are a polymer (silicone) that has the unique ability to reproduce itself. He says it is a nano-technology and was designed for military purposes. NASA has apparently used it on space shuttles as it is “self repairing.” I know from my own observations the “fiber” material is very tough and elastic. Under a microscope you cannot see cell divisions, or anything you would expect to see with cellulose (skin of a green pepper, for example.) It is smooth with an internal filament. Please look at the work of Clifford Carnicom ( and you will see these fibers under high magnification.

However, I am told, it is very possible that the polymer “fibers’ will be present in GMO foods and cotton. I have seen evidence of them in water, soil, foods (organically grown,) plants, people, animals, etc. It seems all ground level life is infected, so why not these crops?

It seems particularly important to put on our critical thinking hats now more than ever. As more and more people are presenting sores…as more and more people are looking up and seeing the Chemtrails…there will be a need for explanations. I am told that there will be an effort to legalize spraying the sky to “save us” from global warming.” This is the age old tactic of creating a problem, then offering a solution. Make no mistake, wrapping the planet in heat absorbing metals in the lower atmosphere (think about baked potatoes wrapped in tin foil )and locking in pollutants will cause warming (see Clifford Carnicom’s model on his website.)

Some are even suggesting that the Chemtrails are good for us, transforming us into higher beings. For me, the first and most important question is, ”Did you agree to be transmutated along with all life on the plantet?” Secondly, what about all of these new “diseases” of unknown causes? How many people do you know don’t take some medication, either prescription or over the counter? If it’s so good for you, why the denial from every branch of government that Chemtrails even exist? A local station in Albuquerque, New Mexico actually has a daily“pain index” along with the weather forecast!

Folks, all you have to do is review the nature of the array of materials being dispersed into our air supply (heavy metals, biological pathogens, fibers, polymers, etc.) to know these are not conducive to good health and spiritual growth. I know it is hard, if not impossible, for good people to imagine the intentions of those inflicting this holocaust, but we must. Anything short of that is aiding and abetting. History will tell you this.

Dr. Castle also told me the diatomaceous earth (Clay) mentioned in the first paper has another important role in health beyond removing heavy metals, parasites, and building stronger teeth, hair, bones, etc. He says it actually works to interrupt the communication between the different elements in the complex (fungus, fibers, bacteria, metals, etc.) So, once again, I see the Clay as an important tool for wellness.

Another woman called to say she believes she is alive today because she started drinking large amounts of organic grape juice. She told me she and her husband had “Morgellons.” Sadly, he passed before reading about the grape therapy. She said it really helped her to turn the corner. She is going to start taking the clay, doing the grape juice mouth therapy, and using the Miracle II soap and Neutralizer.

A very interesting intersection here: Dr. Castle says the trace mineral boron also helps to interrupt, or interfere, with this whole matrix. He recommends using Borax to clean your clothes and whole environment. Borax is rich in boron. In our food, the purple grape is one of the richest sources of boron, so we see organic grape juice not only “off-loads” the “fibers,” but also jams their ability to replicate. Dr. Castle says he believes the boron stops the little black “seeds” from maturing into full grown “fibers.” He also agrees with my observation that these “fibers” are a pseudo-life form. He agrees that they can move very quickly and will respond to either positive or negative input (see first paper.)

A nurse called to say it would be wise to get your iodine levels checked before adding in extra iodine. Seems like a wise suggestion to me.

I have also been advised and concur: don’t use rubbing alcohol of any strength, or type. Use grain alcohol (Everclear) for any purpose where you would normally use the rubbing alcohol. I am told and have observed that the “system” within us uses rubbing alcohol. Even though some disagree, it certainly isn’t hard to make the switch.

I also replaced Clorox with a generic bleach (Shur Saving.) Looking at Dr. Hulda Clark’s work and speaking with other research doctors, I feel confident that this is important to our health.

Dr. Castle also added another lung tonic to my list. He says peppermint oil (few drops) in boiling, distilled water will help the lungs to break down the polymer and prevent attending bacterial infections. It isn’t as strong as tea tree oil and doesn’t have that “edge” to it that many find hard to inhale. I’ve tried it and it works wonders.

I am getting some very disturbing reports about the new television technology being installed in people’s homes. People tell me they are getting “brain fog,” severe headaches, and joint pain while sitting in front of the television. Other, technical people, tell me the flat screen models are actually two-way systems. Even when turned off, I am told, viewing of household activities can take place. One lady in Florida called to say that her house used to be plagued by all kind of insects, particularly flying roaches and termites. Since installing the new television set-up, they’ve all disappeared. Might sound like a good thing, but I can assure you it is not. Without insects, our whole eco-system will collapse.

An even more strange report. When the new system was tested (two reports,) all of the battery operated clocks in the houses stopped during the trial. Energy was being drawn out of the environment. You are the environment.

I don’t watch television, so I don’t have personal observations. However, I would greatly appreciate any and all feed-back on this issue. If any of the information presented is incorrect, please correct it. If you know more about it, share.

Finally, this is one of the most disturbing and interesting updates from Dr. Castle. Listening to a radio program, he heard a research doctor say that there is a gnome in the bacteria inside of the “fibers” that is only found in the mouths of serpents. It is hard to know what this means, but the implications are vast.

Again, I want to thank Dr. Mike Castle for his deep, soul commitment to helping humanity and his generous sharing of information.

I also thank the rest of you who have contacted me and provided valuable information. With all of the doom and gloom, it’s wonderful to find so many people standing in the Light!

I will update as new information and discoveries become available.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sonoma Yesterday from GoogleEarth & Modis

This was yesterday and our sky was white all day from chemtrails.

So what is that big white thing hanging out over the ocean?


And here is another view from another time but same day.


'Aerosol Scattering' in Vegas 4-21-09


ChemTrailReport says:
"Las Vegas Nevada, noon on 4-21-09, Two massive chemtrails that lingered, and then expanded out creating false cloud coverage that persisted for the remainder of the day. This is from a comment that was left on my page - the military is denying the existence of the chemtrails even though millions of Americans see them everyday. Including us. Here is the government website for these chemtrails they say don't exist. I guess we were all asking about them using the wrong terms. We called them by the wrong name and therefore the military was within is rights to deny it under the name chemtrails. The official name for chemtrails is aerosol scattering:"

California Chemtrails by Kevin - 4/21/09

HEAVY Chemtrails, The Weather Channel, "High Thin Clouds" & Fake Birds!?


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Please Lord, we ask that You STOP the Chemtrails


Anaheim Chemtrails: Coloration of Chemclouds

Hi Cathy, this morning there are left over chemclouds from yesterday, in the morning sunlight, however, there is a noticeable coloration of the chemicals due to the positioning of the sunlight. I do not know if this has anything to do with haarp or if it is just the chemicals. These are very thin chemclouds and contain no saturated water. I did shoot a far away shot to show that the clouds are obviously chemically produced. These are not normal socal clouds. I hope that you can see it in the picture. if you can not i guess do not bother posting, since we are under assault here in socal it will not take long before they leave a better chemical footprint.

Portland Chemtrails

Portland Chemtrails by Marie (see more)

Subject: PS from Marie in Portland
Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 8:40 AM

Hi Cathy,

(snip) ... I spent Easter weekend with my daughter in San Ramon. Now that I think about it, there were no chemtrails that I noticed. It was a beautiful weekend. I think I would have noticed. I wonder why the wealthy people don't have to put up with chemtrails directly overhead. (Of course, they are affected overall by the dumping.)

I just found your blog and will get up to speed on it in the next few days. I just want to know what they are dumping into the atmosphere. I live in a beatiful area with a view of Mt. Hood, and today the sky is not a bright deep blue like it can be. It's hazy. On Sunday there must have been at least 20 trails sprayed directly over my property. People are so intentionally clueless about this matter, it is beyond me!



Hi Marie,
Thanks for writing.

Yes, the whole chemtrail operation is a vast mystery since officials refuse to acknowledge the onslaught of the obvious polution of our skies from high flying jets.

What are they spraying? I've read that it is various ingredients including barium, aluminum and even blood.

One of the goals is genocide so 'they' can control the rest of us: “the immune system of the host must be depleted. This relates to control, simply put. If the slightest breeze makes you dizzy, what kind of defense can you be expected to put up if you can’t lift your arms above your head without getting a headache? . . . This is the main reason for much of the desiccated red blood cells found in chemtrails: biowarfare. This also allows the parasite to latch onto the human host with little resistance from the organism so attached.”

Below is from a comment here (link) which makes good points and may or may not be factual:

"...Acting as liaison between the brain and the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus is the primary link between the endocrine and nervous systems (remembering that viruses commonly travel through the nervous system). If changes are to take place in the body, then this system is also the guardian over those changes as well as being the director of them genetically manipulate mankind through the ingredients in the chemtrails, one must first suppress the endocrine system, and second, the natural defenses of the immune system—the two most directly targeted areas of chemtrail spraying. The e-mails go on to say that the goals of the chemtrails are to make “the overall “frequency” of each of their charges (human beings in each country) to function at a specific rate below the threshold of awareness. The study of brain-wave, Remote Viewing techniques, and other related research holds the key to this. As we know, a physical brain functioning at 12 to 14 cycles per second is agitated and cannot, therefore, become perceptive of any cycle not within the same frequency, especially if that BRAIN IS ARTIFICIALLY stabilized to that frequency. How can one perceive love, when the brain can only register impatience, anger, etc?”
FEAR is a key factor here, and it is through fear that we open ourselves up to control. Fear is the frequency which registers most with our fourth and fifth dimensional manipulators, and allows our auras, our protective shields, to be breached, leaving us open to their Light-sucking, energy-sucking control.
The e-mails also say that “the immune system of the host must be depleted. This relates to control, simply put. If the slightest breeze makes you dizzy, what kind of defense can you be expected to put up if you can’t lift your arms above your head without getting a headache? . . . This is the main reason for much of the desiccated red blood cells found in chemtrails: biowarfare. This also allows the parasite to latch onto the human host with little resistance from the organism so attached.”
The third and last objective the e-mails point out are that the NWO needs our agreement. David Icke stresses this point in his work as well. The e-mails continue:
“This last statement is by far the MOST CRUCIAL STAGE of all. It isn’t enough to make us slaves, we MUST WANT TO BECOME SLAVES. Food scarcity, low wages, false idealism as propagated via network commercials, all create a state of low-level dependency to a state system, but it is not enough. To win . . . (they) need our permission to do what they will to us (Universal Law). The system of this biosphere has one final gate that only each of us can open or close and it is, in fact, free will . . .”
How and when will they do this? According to the e-mails “a fake alien invasion” or a biowarfare incident on a major U.S., European or Australian city could be used to trigger us to give up out free will in return for the safety and protection of a seemingly benevolent but in the end dictatorial force. With regard to this, be careful of ‘announced disclosures’ from seemingly reputable alien-seeking organizations. The control goes deeper than you suspect, and these organizations are needed to feed this supposed threat. As any good researcher or experiencer can tell you, they are already here—in more ways than you know. Preserve your free will. Make a choice for ascension rather than remaining. Utilize love in all your actions rather than dwelling in fear. Be an observer rather than a victim. And trust that there are THOSE who care about what is going on here, and will take care of things as long as you do your part. Have faith. I wish you strength. Peter"

And like you say, it is mystery that most folks are oblivious to the ongoing onslaught above our heads; probably due to mass hypnosis/mind control from tv etc.

What do I do? Expose as much as possible, pray & trust the Lord, research, pray & read the scriptures, stay away from process food & eat heathy to keep immune system strong and did I say, pray?

Looking BEYOND the chemtrails,


Monday, April 20, 2009

Anaheim Chemtrails: Lots of Chemtrails Today

Received from John today the following email update with photos. He is documenting the crimes going on over his head in southern California:

ok Cathy, here is today's mess - started out ok with clear skies, all the mess from yesterday seemed to move on, so they started up again and by the end of the day the whole sky once again besieged by chemical clouds. The government and media are complaisant in chemical warfare against the citizens. And what is funny it seems the people are asleep

Enlargement of the above plane

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Email & photos from John in Anaheim, CA

"hi cathy, my name is John. i live down here in Anaheim in orange county. here are today's pics the whole sky now is covered with nothing but chemtrails i will send more please post if you want."

Thanks John - will do!

This was taken the morning of April 13, 2009, in John's front yard.

John says, "Here is an x typical type aerosolized trail - i guess the chemical-cloud forms better"

Taken on Friday (4/17/09) down in Rancho Santa Margerita.

Letter John sent April 13, 2009, to the Orange County Register

Subject: What is going on up there?

I have been out of the country for a number of years. However, upon returning just before Christmas this last December, I noticed something very strange in the sky. There were all these trails left in the sky by airplanes. These are not contrails that dissipate like the old ones I used to see. These form clouds and expand with the wind. On certain days there are 20 of so of them and cloud up the whole sky. I have never heard nor seen any public comment. Today (Monday April 13th), however , I have to comment because the affects are so great. The sun had a huge ring around it and there are tons of trails forming clouds over ours skies. I would like to bring this to the attention of the register's viewers, I am certain that I am not the only person who is capable of looking up. Nor am I the only person who has questions as to what the government is doing up there. We have very strict laws concerning our cars' emissions. I just wonder why they are aerosolizing chemicals into our environment and who is paying for all this and what it is all for.
John (Anaheim)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Sonoma to Los Gatos - Chemtrails the Whole Way
This weekend I'm visiting friends and family in Los Gatos and below are pics I snapped along the way. Reminded me of critters being fumigated - YIKES!

Email from New York

SUBJECT: Chemtrails 4/16/09
Friday, April 17, 2009 9:42 AM

Hi Cathy,

Saw your video you posted regarding chemtrails 4/16/09. It's nice to know there are some people out there that are still awake.

It might interest you to know that yesterday on 4.16.09, coming home from graduate school at NYU in New York City I just happened to look up in the sky and "lo and behold" I saw a bunch of jets flying and criss-crossing the sky with chemtrails. I couldn't believe my eyes because on the New Jersey side facing west there almost wasn't a cloud in the sky and right over manhattan and the 5 boroughs all I saw were chemtrails and chemtrail clouds forming. It was so damn obvious!!!

I stood by the Hudson River for 15-20 minutes just watching them criss-cross make 2 " X's " ... one on the north side of manhattan and then one on the south side and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. If you were in a satellite and could look down upon the earth where "X" marks the spot it becomes so obvious what they were doing. Clearly they are marking these areas for future operations and testing and getting ready for a future event!!!

It's unfortunate because it seems like I was the only one noticing and paying attention to what was going on in our skies and when you talk to people about it they laugh and think you're crazy. So any other information that you have I'd like to share with you.

Also, I've done alot of research myself and have quite abit of info the share as well. Please let me know what you think. I'm starting to get really tired of dealing with people that are still asleep and it would be nice to communicate with someone else for once who really knows what's going on!!! Thanks.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the email Bruce. I too am quite tired of the endless chemical polution day after day here. In fact, right NOW (9:30am pacific) I see out my work window chemtrail jets fly back and forth across the sky, north San Francisco bay area - quite tragic, distrubing & very frustrating indeed!

So I will post your email on my blog and if you happen to have pics, pls send and I will add.

Onward we go, looking BEYOND the chemtrails, seeking Divine intervention.


PS And yes, most folks just don't see and the few that do, either go into denial or get mad at me. It is shocking to think our gov could be that corrupt and evil. The tv etc brainwashing is working only too well (they don't call it programming for nothing!), so people need to unplug from the big brother box (now flat hd screen!) and wakeup FOR SURE!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Letter to the Editor

What's up?
Morro Bay, California
New Times SLO
‎Apr 8, 2009‎
Mike Saul

The beautiful skies above the Central Coast have become blighted. This is an assault on our skies. It is a dirty shame that our government chooses to operate a program blatantly, right over our heads, without our informed consent.

Since becoming aware of what has been going on in our skies recently, I have been horrified by what I have witnessed and stunned by the lack of awareness or concern by the public and the denial by government and media sources, which have a duty to inform the public of the details of this operation.

What I have witnessed and photographed is nothing less than shocking: a complete transformation of our skies by this program of spraying massive amounts of something into our atmosphere.

At times, the sky becomes completely obscured by the chemtrails that zigzag in every direction, billowing out slowly and turning the entire sky to a sickening haze. I’ve noticed that this strange haze persists, even days after the chemtrail activity subsides. This chemical haze has now obscured views of the hills and shrouded the horizon.

I cannot be alone in demanding accountability as to exactly what’s going on here, can I? Exactly what chemicals are being sprayed into our skies? What are the reasons for conducting these operations?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chemtrails Cartoon - "One Full Day of Chemtrails"


Chemtrails, Alex Jones & Agent Provocateurs

Alex Jones is now exposing chemtrails and a couple of folks sent me the link as he is asking for chemtrail photos/videos.

Here is my reply:

Thanks... yes, I saw a bit of it yesterday. However, I cannot in good conscience, align myself with him. Please let me explain.

Even though he does expose a lot of nwo (new world order) info, I believe Alex Jones to be an agent provocateur.

For example, AJ claims to be a Christian but rants and raves like a maniac claiming we will take down the nwo by human means. Would Jesus act this way and say this? I think not. The scriptures are clear that all this has to happen and only God can stop/interfere with the plans of the nwo. The concern for Christians today should be to share the Gospel and pray for souls to be saved.

AJ claims to be a Christian and has 'Christian' guests who promote violence like Butch Paugh & Bo Gritz. (read more here).

Is AJ a double agent? The deceased William Cooper claimed Jones is a cia Jesuit (link).

So who can we trust? The Lord Jesus Christ alone.

May the Truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the deceived wakeup, may the sinner repent of unbelief, may the lost get saved/born again and may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified I pray!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

73 Planes Before Breakfast!

If this doesn't rattle you in your shoes, you are not all there!