Monday, April 26, 2010

Comment on Tesla, HAARP and Oil

Below is an interesting and informative comment by dsekou to the article, The Possibility Of Oil In Haiti Could Be Solution Or New Problem

1.nikola tesla in 1898 created a small earthquake in nyc with an oscillator that he attached to the support beams of his laboratory. the vibrations were causing the neighboring buildings to shake and tremble so violently that windows along the whole block were shattering and police broke down the door to his laboratory just as tesla smashed the little oscillator with a sledge hammer to make it stop.

2.tesla’s inventions were responsible for the alternating electrical current that today lights our cities and powers all electrical engines–in the process outdoing thomas edison, which of course, made a bitter enemy of a jealous edison. tesla not marconi invented radio. marconi ‘used’ tesla’s discoveries and claimed them as his own. tesla’s estate won the patent violation lawsuits against marconi and rca after tesla’s death. tesla invented the first remote controlled wireless radio wave device and also invented neon lighting.

3. before he died he was working on a method of defense to make war obsolete by allowing small nations to be the military equals of larger ones. but by then, the media had branded him as ‘crazy’ and said he was working on some kind of ‘death ray’.

4. upon his death the fbi immediately seized all of tesla’s research and personal papers and turned them over to the pentagon. it took years and years of lawsuits before the papers were finally returned to tesla’s family., ’star wars’ and a military research program called ‘haarp’ are the direct results of tesla’s research being twisted by the pentagon with deliberate destructive intent.

6.haarp shoots large amounts of electro-magnetic energy up into the higher regions of earth’s atmosphere which then acts like a huge mirror and reflects the energy back down and deep into the earth’s surface. the beams can be aimed to direct high amounts of energy to enter into the earth or beneath the oceans. haarp can be used like radar or sonar to find underground installations or to find minerals –like oil for instance–beneath the earth’s surface.

7. if the beam is focused long enough into an area where two or more of the earth’s tectonic plates meet the resulting vibrations can cause the plates to slip–thus an earthquake can occur.

8. the earth–like our own bodies– is a living system of balanced and interconnected electromagnetic energy–thus something like haarp has the potential–like a magnification of the ripples in a pond effect–to cause massive disruptions in balance beneath the earth’s surface and above the earth’s surface–as in disrupting weather patterns.

9. the earthquake in haiti was in january–in january, february and march there were similar and powerful earthquakes in venezuela, peru, chile , poland, chicago,alaska, los angles,afghanistan, china

10. the eastern portion of the Us was hit not only by a record NUMBER of snowstorms–but also with amounts of snowfall NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF US RECORD KEEPING–’nor’easters’ as these storms are called form in the caribbean and head up the atlantic coast of the Us–also causing the worst flooding in parts of new england in 200 years. veteran weather specialists said on the news again and again quotes like, “in 40 years of reporting the weather , i’ve never seen anything like what we have seen this year”. in parts of europe this year RECORD rain and snowfalls caused record flooding.

11. it is a basic fact that areas of the world that are prone to earthquakes are also where the most volcanic activity takes place–there is a direct connection between the earth’s tectonic activity and the earth’s volcanic activity.
what happened in iceland this past week that caused almost all air flights over western europe to be suspended –because of huge amounts of volcanic ash spewed into the air? “for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” every little playground kid knows if you push one side of a see saw down the other side goes up…

12. it was reported that the university of tokyo monitors the Us haarp emissions of energy that take place from alaska(where haarp antennae are located) it was also reported that the haarp antennae were turned on and emitting huge amounts of energy into the atmosphere “24/7″ for the three days prior to the earthquake in haiti–and stopped s soon as the earthquake was over.

13. the Us pentagon’s southern command was running war games–drills and simulations– of a ‘hurricane’ type disaster striking haiti– the day before the earthquake hit–so the military was already ready when they got the call to go into haiti.

14. the pentagon, fema, and cia were running drills about airplanes being hi-jacked by terrorists and crashed into important Us buildings such as the world trade center towers, the pentagon, and cia headquarters–on or shortly before the 9-11 attacks. the london subway terrorist bombings took place AS scotland yard was running drills –war games–about terrorists putting bombs on the london subways–in the EXACT locations where the actual bombs went off that day –but this is all coincidence and ‘conspiracy theory’ –right?
Addendum: on the subject of war games –the Us pentagon and britain’s defense ministry had joint war games scheduled in the indian ocean region for the fall of 2001 which amazingly, put significant numbers of the ships, planes and ground forces of both nations fully armed and on the ready and conveniently close to afghanistan when it was decided to go to war against that nation as a result of the 9-11 attacks.
when negotiations between the Us and the taliban for the building of oil and natural gas pipelines from the caspian sea region of the former soviet republics and across afghanistan began to breakdown in the summer of 2001 –the Us promised the taliban either, “a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs”.

15. the right wing in this country habitually covers up their inept crimes by pointing the finger at anyone who refuses to believe their ridiculous lies and calling them “conspiracy theorists”. brains programmed by “reality tv” immediately shut down and refuse to even consider the evidence and drink another ‘40′ and tune in to “american idol” , “the kardashians ” or “being bobby brown” or whatever the latest distraction from reality is.

btw the Us knew about the oil in the haiti, jamaica, cuba region for decades–look at the destabilization policies of the Us towards these three nations for the past 40 years–add in the oil factor and their strategic location in the caribbean and now you know why.


  1. I can’t believe there are still some ppl that are defending the government and saying that there is no such thing and that what everyone is seeing are simply contrails. That would be a totally plausible explanation if there wasn’t already leaked gov documents outlining how and why they are spraying chemtrails over the air (this does a pretty good job of explaining it.) It’s called the HAARP project, and is built on the concepts of radio frequency radiation that Tesla was getting into before he died/was killed. Apparently, what the planes are releasing are barium salts, which (with the help of microwave energy) can manipulate anything from the weather to varying life forms in the environment. This is also most likely the reason why certain species of birds and fish have been dying recently. If you see planes making a criss coss pattern or contrails that linger for half a day or so when in relatively dry environments, you’re most likely witnessing chemtrails being dispersed. My friend lives in Arizona where it’s extremely dry year around, and just last month he caught a pic on his home security camera a group of planes making a crosshatch type formation (home security chemtrails pics).

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