Friday, December 11, 2009

Chemtrails over Dublin, Ireland Yesterday



  1. seious chemtrail activity over ireland,yesterday morn the 10 dec about 9am a beautiful blue sky turned into an all too familiar,silk sheen.the chemtrailers flying lower than usual,flying from west to east,galway to dublin direction at first,at bout 9.30 groups of 2,about 3 to for groups,in formation. by 10.30 approx. planes flying in opposite similiar altiude. by mid day planes lying from north to south, again from south to north. sky covered by unnatural sheen at ths stage,blotting out the sun, and quarter moon not visible, any more. these patterns of behaviour are all too chemtrailers flying at higher altitudes,same patterns. also in late evening they seem to concentrate on flying directly in front of the sun.notice the resulting difference in natural cloud formation and the unnatural sheen.they appeared to have stopped over the midlands region for some months until 10/12. i wonder if a lack of funds worldwide had affected their programme spend!! seems they're at it again though!! ask your local politician to explain this, the respnse itself wll speak volumes!! tell everyone you know about chemtrails, tell everyone to look at the sky above you people!!!

  2. Thanks for your report!!

    May concerned citizens everywhere continue to reveal the truth and expose the lies while raising the red alert flag to wake up those who are asleep or in denial.