Thursday, November 12, 2009

Possible Cytokine Storm and Chemtrail Connection?


I asked a few folks what if they thought this was truth or disinformation and here are their replies:

I cannot tell about disinformation, but I personally have felt there is a health issue in the spraying…maybe nano particles that are meant to interact with the vaccines…The caskets were frightening and also they are building prison complexes someplace. Arizona has been a hotbed of spray planes and the new Homeland Security lady was gov of Ariz… also Rumsfeld was head of Gilead that makes tamiflu vaccine, and I think it was sold to Roche. Is it possible they designed the epidemic so they could sell the vaccine? This is pretty frightening scenario. Also check out Mike Ruppert movie, Collapse. See trailer on You tube.

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Dear Cathy:

I don't know if true or false. I have no information that would hold up in
a court of law regarding this subject. If your research or you find the government documents,
university studies or other information that could be used in a courtroom please
advise and send documents immediately - this would be appreciated very much.

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Hi Cathy, I would not put much into this guys anecdotal analysis. This guy is not a doctor. Cathy, we have no idea what they are doing. Cathy i have no idea what they are doing, but it is not good. Like you said before, we should keep watching and viewing this kids video, is fine. God will bring it all out. As long as we are doing what we can, God will expose this and protect us from all the garbage. Ps the chemtrails down here have been heavy lately. This stuff is not going away. I just wonder when people are going to wake up and start demanding answers.

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As for myself, I think that the video is pretty right on. I've been researching immune responses for some time and am very familiar with cytokine storms. In fact, I'm trying to figure out how to quell them and one of the things I am looking into is baking soda which seems to have some positive effect. Baking soda is used even by hospitals during surgery to reduce oxidative stress.

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  1. Pure Turmeric taken with pepper,fish oil,garlic;apple juice, benadryl,vitamin d.