Saturday, November 7, 2009

Satellite Photo of Chemtrails Over Southern California

Received today an email (see below) with a satellite photo showing chemtrails over Southern California. Here is the cropped version showing the trails over Long Beach.

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Original photo - thanks Mark!


The reason why I'm writing you is because I became interested in your site after witnessing these chemtrails over Burbank.

I moved to Thailand in 2001, and I don't remember seeing them before that time. When I came back in 2006, I had been gone for 5 years, and I wasn't expecting what I saw.

Before I left...California had gotten our smog problem under control. I was used to seeing clear days. I was in commercial real estate in the 90's and I remember enjoying going in high-rise office buildings in Universal City, because I enjoyed the view of the San Fernando Valley.

I love views. I used to hike up to the top of the Verdugo hills all the time, or I'd more often I'd ride my mountain bike up to the top, just for the view. I lived up on the hill during the 90's near Brace park, and I loved my view. I know what our skys are supposed to look like. I pay attention.

Anyhow, when I came back from Thailand, I noticed the chemtrails right away. I was asking my friends and family what they were all about. Everyone parroted the same thing to me. "oh, those...those are just normal condensation trails...blah, blah, blah..."

The thing that caught my attention was the fact that everyone had the same excuse for them. I thought that was odd.

Even people I wouldn't expect to know anything about persistent contrails, or the like could explain them away.

I thought that was odd. who, or what had raised people's awareness, uniformly, even without their knowing it, to the presence of "normal persistent contrails"'s like they had been inoculated to the site of these things.

Well I hadn't been. They were obvious, and everywhere, and un-nerving.

I'm not an idiot. I would ask people...where are those planes going? On approach to a S. California airport? or are the climbing out after take off? If that's the case, they are no where near cruising altitude...there is no way they could be emitting "normal persistent contrails" on climb-out, or on final approach...the altitudes are all wrong for their being on final approach or climb out anyhow.

So I started checking flight paths. Being that we're here at the south west corner of the US, there's nothing to the south west, or due west from us, except Australia. I checked the number for flights going there, and basically come to the conclusion that these were not normal, they were not part of normal flight paths, and just because I notice them, and they are there, doesn't make me crazy for noticing them, and for them being there.

Today and yesterday were perhaps the worste days I've ever seen. the trails were actually much, much lower, and basically coming down to ground level. They contributed, or were the sole cause of alot of what most people just called "smog". You couldn't see the verdugo hills for much of the day from Toluca Lake.

I tried to go up to Mt. Wilson Observatory to view things from above, only to find that the observatory road is closed today!

My car was covered with a redish powder this morning.

I believe that most of the time, these chem clouds pass over us, and land on the san gabriel mountains, or in the mojave. But not today and yesterday, they were coming right down on us. It was disgusting.

I wanted to direct your attention to the satellite photos from yesterday from the link on your site. Zoom in to the 250 meter setting (it worked yesterday). The photo's show the chemtrails better than I've ever seen them on satellite photos. They are out at sea.

What the hell is going on? Why don't other people notice this? It's so obvious. Are people really that caught up in their little bubbles, talking away on their cell phones, that they don't even see what's going on around them?

It's pathetic,

Check out this PDF file. I'll try to attach it to this email.

Anyhow, thanks for listening.

By the way...Nice to make your acquaintance!

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