Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Government is Taking Away Our Sunlight

Chemtrails and global warming

Published: Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have never seen a chupacabra, Yeti or snowsnake. One thing I have definitely seen is a chemtrail!

Most people aren’t that observant when you try to discuss something like this with them. They’ll say “Oh there have always been contrails behind jets.” While this is true there are days the jet trails do linger all afternoon.

I spend a good deal of time outdoors and have been able to distinguish between a contrail and a chemtrail.

My front porch faces west, which allows me to be able to get some sunshine, even during the winter months.

What I have noticed is that the mass of chemtrails consistently ends up in the southwest sky washing out the late afternoon sunlight.

Some days when this happens, it actually renders it too chilly to remain outdoors.

While theories over chemtrails abound, I believe that I have come up with the most plausible answer. In doing some research into this topic, it was discovered that air samples taken under chemtrail areas contain aluminum dust as well as barium, a radioactive metal.

The aluminum dust is a condensation nuclei allowing an artificial cloud cover to form. The barium acts as a electromagnetic blanket to either repel solar energy or allow the chemtrail mass to be easily tracked with radar.

Why is this being done? I think someone in the federal shadow government has bought into the global warming panic. I uncovered a government proposal to block out one percent of the suns rays from reaching Earth.

In doing this they would save vast amounts of money, which would have been spent on “going green.”

However, it seems the government overlooked the possible long-term effects of this on the environment and on our health.

If you add up all the chemtrail clouds being sprayed all over the world, it probably does block out one percent of the suns total rays, if not more.

This being said, it would seem that this sun-blocking proposal is not just a proposal, but has actually been implemented.

I do miss my afternoon sun on many days as of late. It was so nice to have the clear blue skies that we used to have.

It’s a shame the government is taking away our sunlight based on their own fudged global warming theory!

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