Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Criminal Geoengineering Areosol Chemtrail Spray over San Bernadino Today

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  1. Over San Bernardino County, such an effort (seen thru your Modis-map compilations post), the entire storm (classified major winter) missed SoCal AGAIN! Mexico got dumped on and Weather Channel this morn commented, "that's odd, storm moving into higher elevations of Baja and Sonora. Doesn't happen too often, but seems to be occurring more often, rare!" Duuuuuh, trails from jets crossing from US into Mexico's air space to ameliorate drought conditions........but, not here, not with legal environmental protocol, and today's USA article about 'Death on Monarch Butterfly populations because of 'freak' snow hail as far south as Mexcio City'.................BS, these actions are purposeful with no regard for health and safety!