Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Criminal Geoengineering Areosol Chemtrail Spray behind the clouds over Sonoma Today


  1. if we the people can't draw enough attention to those responsible, then with our transparent government, ask who is funding this sky crazed chemtrail circus. the fuel cost alone must be enormous.

  2. According to a link in the article 'The Chemtrail Smoking Gun (2003)' - link to the right here - a whistle blower made these comments:

    Q. 20. What government agency or agencies control this program? Is it under international control?

    A. It is an international program. Many nations contribute in different ways. Measures have been taken to insure that what is sprayed over all countries is the same through triple blind deliveries; which include not knowing where a certain canister will end up, not knowing which aircraft a certain canister will be flown, and not even knowing who (in military craft) will be piloting a craft which has the purpose of spraying (Note: in today's world there is usually a mixed crew of different nationalities flying any one military aircraft on a Shield mission). I believe the Media caught Canadians in Iraq recently when Canada's official say on the matter was that Canada was not giving any support to the military might.

    The fact remains that there were Canadian military with the USA forces. Some on aircraft carriers most being pilots. I think you can connect the dots.

    Q 21. How is the project funded - who pays for it? Have you any idea of the total direct operating cost? Also, does Canada make a funding contribution for the activities in our skies?

    A. Most governments tend to over charge themselves to cover for their black operations (unofficial operations). That money comes out of the collection of taxes. So in effect the taxpayers of the world are paying for this project.

    I would assume Canada does contribute funding to the Project. Canada is one of the top nations contributing time, material and funding to this project. Most of the Free World, the Western World, has taken on most of the burden of the costs.


  3. evergreen aviation is a cia front co that has operations everywhere.they operate the evergreen supertanker(the biggest aerial spray/firefighting/weather modification plane) out of mccllelan air field sacramento ca,mather air fiekd and travis afb.i have a lot of footage of these plane spraying.2 different pilots from the area have told me they were cloud seeding and it was cal fire practicing up there,both total bs.i love america and if you do to stop these people from spraying aluminum particles in our air.HELP SHUT DOWN THESE FAKE governement DISINFORMATION SITES LIKE CONTRAILSCIENCE AND CHEMTRAILCENTRAL.these people spraying are criminals as is anyone involved like the coast guard.raytheon,cal fire,evergreen aaviation ,the us air force,and the cia(evergreen and the dept of forestry)i am ex military and am familiar with all kinds of aircraft.i have filmed many hours of these planes turning chemtrails on and off among numerous other things that are not possible with real contrails.our children will be the ones who are left with this giant mess.if you believe geo engineering the planet by spraying will work you must not be watching these criminals pretend they cant cap an oil well(there are 75000 capped wells and 4000 active platforms in the gulf)evergreen aviation is also spraying toxic corexit 9500 and 9527 out in the gulf.

    1. From a Lake County CA perspective, the aircraft travel from Northeast to Southwest in parallel, straight lines at very high altitudes. The routes suggest an inland destination, if landing in California it would likely be a military base, but I think they are too high for Travis AFB

  4. I live in Mount Shasta, California and see chemtrail spraying here almost every day.