Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Chemtrails?

"Chemtrail spraying appears to compromise our immune systems. It may be lowering our resistance to both disease and to the removal of our basic rights. Aerosols are also being sprayed to seed the atmosphere with barium. The HAARP Patent calls for spraying barium in the atmosphere to increase HAARP’s efficacy. HAARP is capable of more than you are likely to believe. HAARP quadrupled its power and published plans call for operating HAARP at one billion watts. HAARP can cause massive blackouts. Its inventor Bernard Eastlund seeks to abort tornadoes and to 'steer' parts of the ionosphere around with it, among other things. It appears that chemtrails are sometimes sprayed with stealth technology. There are several different types of both aerosols and sprayers. It is important is to understand that a warmongering elite uses war as a social and economic engineering tool. They depend on this tool and probably don't know how to function without it. They don’t really respect national, religious, or individual rights and identities. They know that successful war requires a constant updating of weapons and strategies. The aerosol operation appears to be a part of this modern arsenal."

From "Is WW III the Reason for Chemtrails? Could be we're already into World War Three and don’t even know it." by Lydia Mancini (link)


  1. sensation !
    scientific evidence for chemtrails finally done !!

    bad (computer) translation is coming soon:

    Sensation ! Wissenschaftlicher Nachweis für Chemtrails endlich gelungen!!

    best wishes from germania

  2. Here is the bad english translation:


    For the first time in the history of the Chemtrailforschung it succeeded,
    and indeed with the aid of the brand-new technology of the telegas chromatography, that meisten contents materials a Chemtrailfluges (recorded by Bonn / Germany near on 31/08/2008 at 21 o'clock 05 minutes) analyze.
    Now we have the secure evidence at last:

    These flights occur in fact, the public prosecutors do now some

    The toxins can be identified due to the new technology unequivocally,
    main due to their composition in color and transparency.
    A GCMS XXXXX was used by XXXXX in connection with that again
    developed Telerelevator of the same company. The found connections are
    poisonous to high-poisonous, and in particular negatively on the entire nervous system, that Brain (softening causes probably) and onto the entire bronchial field


    German Original:

    Erstmals in der Geschichte der Chemtrailforschung ist es gelungen,
    und zwar mit Hilfe der brandneuen Technologie der Telegas-Chromatografie, die
    meisten Inhaltstoffe eines Chemtrailfluges (in der Nähe von Bonn / Deutschland am 31/08/2008 um 21 Uhr 05 Minuten aufgezeichnet) zu analysieren.
    Jetzt haben wir endlich den sicheren Beweis:

    Diese Flüge finden wirklich statt, die Staatsanwälte werden jetzt einiges zu tun

    Die Giftstoffe können aufgrund der neuen Technologie eindeutig identifiziert werden,
    hauptsächlich auf Grund ihrer farblichen Zusammensetzung und Lichtdurchlässigkeit.
    Verwendet wurde ein GCMS XXXXX von XXXXX in Verbindung mit dem neu
    entwickelten Telerelevator der selben Firma. Die gefundenen Verbindungen sind
    giftig bis hochgiftig, und wirken speziell negativ auf das gesamte Nervensystem, das
    Gehirn (bewirkt wahrscheinlich Erweichung) und auf den gesamten Bronchialbereich.


  3. of cause it can be a fake of
    an desinformationer. we have
    to proof it.

    but sure is, that i have seen
    a lot of colors in many trails.
    that is truth.

    best wishes

  4. Thanks so much! I'm going to post this now along with the photo and links.

  5. Hi Cathy,

    my deepest sympathy that your
    colleagues died.

    I want to tell, that this picture
    is most likely a photoshop fake
    a hoax pic.

    Because the plane is no real plane
    which are catched during flying.

    and for example the substance
    "spinnoinium" doesn't exist, i think.

    in german spinne means spider
    or german "spinnen" means "crazy" or "talk nonsense".

    sorry for that, i shot to fast without proofing.
    but we want the whole truth, no esoteric lies or something else about chemtrails.


  6. Where true or false, I removed the photo. Thanks.