Saturday, March 14, 2009

After a Couple of Days of Blue Skies, We Get Hit Again Today



  1. "chemtrails" - otherwise known as condensation trails or contrails. The result of the combustion of kerosene, otherwise known as Jet-A, at high elevation. Cold temps turn water vapor to ice. Certainly, air pollutants too - CO, CO2, and many others the result of burning petroleum. Pollution is no fun, but Jesus isn't going to fix it for you. Reminds me of what the native americans must have thought English ships were off their shoreline... It's all a mystery until you actually take initiative to figure it out.

  2. hi @Anonymous,

    Jesus know about you.

    And you haven't no idea, what Jesus Christ is able to do.
    When he want he could bring down
    all planes in one second.

    He will 100 % judges the whole satanic elite group in front of his white throne, who thinks, the most people don't know something about their evil game with the world.

    Jesus created in 6 (!) days the whole universe and the earth. So big is his might.
    The satanic Elite Group dictate us to believe in evolution, darwin and billions of years.

    But they know exact that this is just one of their big lies.

    Jesus created even the hell for the
    devil, the demons and all men who don't believe in him as the only savior.

    I know that you say this is bullshit but in 100 years you will know that it is true.


    sorry for my bad english i#m german.


    ps: in the new earth in which Jesus reigns from jerusalem,

  3. Thanks @DEUTSCHE-EICHE for your words of truth and encouragement!!