Monday, March 23, 2009

Mystery Wingless Wonder Flies By Again!

This fuzzy photo is of a similiar looking aircraft (?) that I saw and documented on Friday, March 20, 2009.

Currently (11am Pacific time), we have totally clear blue skies here in Sonoma and while outside about 30 minutes ago, I happened to notice a silver SOMETHING fly overhead. Normally, I would assume it was a plane since my eyesight isn't the best even with glasses, but I snapped the above pic anyway.

A friend who saw the video clip "Wingless Wonder - What is it?", emailed the following to me yesterday:

"Cathy, the spray vehicle is a type of magnetic craft. Sometimes ordinary eyesight cannot see the whole object if is a 4D thing. This accounts for oddly shaped flying things instead of recognizable shapes. The explanation is that as a 3D object casts a 2D shadow, a 4D object casts a 3D shadow, therefor, 3D eyesight sees only that."

AND HERE IS A FOLLOW UP EMAIL after showing my friend the above photo:

"Very interestlng, (spoken in a Gestapo accent). I am speculating, but if the chemspray controllers now have such advanced machines to deliver the aerosols, then they might be able to base them at the production facilities thus eliminating the need to transport the stuff to an airfield. This insures against a spill and allows fast arrival over the target zone assuming the vehicle doesn't generate sonic booms and/or is teleportation capable. You may be wondering if such UFO type craft imply an off-world source. Magnetic super-light speed travel is common, but vehicles intended for global death projects would almost surely be based on earth, You would be dangerous with a telephoto camera."

What do you think??

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