Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Why All the Chemtrials?" from Jackson County, Missouri

Why All the Chemtrails?

Can't we have one nice day in this town without having our skies
covered with these obnoxious chemtrails?

Chemtrails in the Sky Over Independence

These aren't exhaust fumes from commercial airliners filled with tourists and people heading home for Easter. This is the result of one (or maybe two) small white jets that are criss-crossing the sky, leaving these long "contrails" that spread out to form the clouds you see above, before falling on top of us as they descend onto the neighborhoods of Independence.

More Chemtrails Over Independence

I called the FAA one time, they refused to file a complaint because I couldn't tell the the altitude of the aircraft. None of the inquiries I've sent to members of our city government have ever been replied to. There are no clouds in the sky in the picture you see above. Every bit of whiteness you see was made from a jet.

Doesn't the city have any control over the airspace? Doesn't anyone else wonder about this?

Sonoma Chemtrails


I'm going to post this article with comments on my blog

May the Truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the the deceived wakeup and may the lost get saved I pray in Jesus Christ name.




I'm not sure what chemtrails (or contrails) really are but I've always assumed that they were just the exhaust from certain jets. They are obviously not commercial jets because these jets fly extremely high. I've heard sinister theories of what they might be. It is strange that the trails remain from horizon to horizon until they disperse, long after the jets are gone. I don't think any government agency will be able to answer any questions about them since they don't know what they are either.

We live 40 miles form an Airbase


Richard Guabare Airbase is about 40 to 50 miles south east of here and most of our BIG bombers fly out of there at very high altitudes daily.

I’ll save you a post spelling Police, I don’t remember how to spell the name of the Air base



The airbase for the B-2 bomber is Whiteman AFB at Knobnoster, about 80 miles East of here. Richards Gabour was closed several years ago and is now more of an office/industrial park I believe. I can't spell it either.



I'm not quite sure how to take your entry on contrails. If you are being serious, I suggest you google "contrails" and click on the Wikipedia explanation. If you ae funning, those sure are pretty pictures.

There's nothing pretty about


There's nothing pretty about air pollution, especially on a lovely day like today.

I've seen contrails all my life. Back in the day, they used to disappear rather quickly behind the aircraft that preceded them. Now they criss-cross the sky, and widen and merge into oily clouds that spread across the horizon. We see them in Independence all the time, in all types of weather. These aren't the contrails that we grew up with.

Here's the Wikipedia page on chemtrails.

~*Vintage Kansas City*~

Serious I believe


She's serious all right.

You may be right


You may be correct. Next time she calls FAA she might tell them that the contrails are at about 26,000 to 35,000 feet. The Germans loved them in World War II. They knew exactly where the B-17 flight of the day was headed.

Blame it on the meth heads


They’re just spreading fluoride so it ends up in our ground water. They’re going to get it in there one way or another.

We all should drop everything we are doing and bring down this Luciferian inspired genocide operation.



Good one, fluoride in the groundwater.

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