Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photo Essay

See Carole Pellatt's photo-essay on 'Owning the Weather'.

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  1. Hello Cathy Palmer,

    Many thanks for your answer to my writing in your Blog.
    Through the belief in Jesus we are siblings if ourselves we live on different continents.
    I attempt to improve my English when I learn privately and watch English movies.

    I can surely say one to you: In the 1000 year kingdom from Jesus Christ there will not be any Chemtrails anymore.

    Today (18/3/2008) I was for a walk and I could look at a wonderful blue sky with white clouds. Unfortunately such days are rare.
    I photographed and put the pictures into the Internet. If you want, you can look at these here:
    The first picture shows my habitation in Germany.

    I wish you everything good.
    We hear or read from each other.