Sunday, March 23, 2008

Letter to the Editor - Astoria, Oregon

3/21/2008 12:50 PM

Letter: Chemical worries


Christopher Paddon

If you noticed the obvious wide white line photographed in the sky over Saddle Mountain in the photograph with the article ("Saddle Mountain expansion looms high in the country," The Daily Astorian, March 14), chances are good you can find another on the next sunny day here. Instead of dissipating as the plane crosses the sky like the jet contrails we're all familiar with, these lines span the sky intact long after the plane is out of sight.

Then, rather than disappearing from one end, they spread out - like this one in the photo. If you notice more than one of these lines, chances are that the sky may become cloudy within 24 hours.

Eventually, particles from these lines fall to earth. Many have been tested and researchers have found barium and aluminum and trace amounts of various chemicals. Because of their chemical composition, these lines are known as "chemtrails" as opposed to the water vapor condensation trails, or "contrails," normally generated by jets.

What are "chemtrails" for? Theories range from weather modification to biological testing, global warming mitigation, experimental atmospheric military devices to augment or jam radio communications networks and radar systems or other classified government purposes.

Whatever their purpose, they have been widely documented with photographs from more than 14 countries since they first appeared 10 years ago. Sometimes there are dozens of these lines, often criss-crossing each other in a grid pattern that couldn't possibly be random or accidental.

A growing number of medical reports, most commonly respiratory problems, follow skies filled with chemtrails. Other reported symptoms have been headaches, flu-like symptoms, extreme fatigue, diarrhea, pain and swelling of muscles and joints, dizziness, nausea, stiff neck and general malaise.

The government and military have denied the existence of these photographed lines. They've also rationalized them. But, they've never explained what's going on. Although there is no definite proof on whether the American government has a direct involvement in these operations, many researchers argue that the weather modification track is very plausible. In particular, the desire to modify weather conditions via unconventional methods was clearly the intention of U.S. legislators who approved and enacted the Weather Modification Research and Technology Act in 2005.

Witnesses around the world continue to photograph and file complaints, medical reports and even law suits regarding chemtrails with almost no coverage from the mainstream media. Despite scores of chemtrail internet Web sites and literally thousands of photos, the average person who relies on television, radio and the press has often never heard of them, which was why this front-page photo caught my eye.

I wondered how many people looked at the picture but didn't see anything unusual in the large white line spanning the sky. Does it matter? Do you care what is being sprayed into the air you and your children breathe?


  1. are you still following this story, cathy? i'm in astoria and have started to notice (and photograph) a constant stream of chemtrails, even saw the plane make a second one the other morning just as day broke. today i spotted it at 3pm and now at 4 it is looking like a bit like a cloud. the sky is that strange milky white. i have also seen (and photographed) them over the i-5 corridor. what sometimes follows is a stratified effect on the clouds, short lines with spaces between them. do you have any new information. of course, we've got the coast guard here. i'm wondering if there is a connection. thanks ~laura

  2. Hello Laura and thank you for your comment.

    Last year I moved to Florida and started another blog documenting the chemtrails. Then a few months ago, I decided not to focus so much on this. Here is my other blog:

    The more I look into this, the more horrific my discoveries.

    This appears to be a global attack and for me, my hope is found in the Lord Jesus Christ:

    blessings to you,