Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Possible Lawsuit?

Received the following today...

This is an e-mail sent to me from attorney Joe Marman. He is discussing the possibility of filing a lawsuit to various corporations in regards to the chemtrail/geo-engineering issue. See e-mail below for more information and please help him with information if you can.


Michael Murphy

Subject: Chem Trails
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 09:13:06 -0700

Thanks so much for the articles Michael. Good luck on getting your documentary together on the Chem Trails.

Here is what I thought I may need for a lawsuit to prevent the planes from continuing to spray the Chem Trails. This is just a rough draft, since I am trying to keep a law practice running at the same time.

1. The best solid evidence that will connect the Chem trails in the skies to the toxics on the ground.

2. The best evidence connection to which or whose jets are spraying these chemicals. Perhaps we could give coordinates of times, directions, locations, etc. of the jets that we are watching doing the spraying, and ask the FAA to give us the information as which jets were in our skies at that time.

3. Which agencies shall we sue? EPA, Dept. of Defense, NORAD, Cal EPA, Air or Water Quality Control Boards? We would argue that these agencies have a statutory obligation to watch and safeguard our air and water, and they have breached their legal obligation to protect the public, despite the evidence we have that gives us enough information that the governmental agencies should follow up and get answers.

4. There should be some provisions in Fed or State Codes for us to seek not only compensation for harm, but also get an Order from the Court to force the Agencies to take action, as well as recover attorney's fees for us undertaking the lawsuit.

5. Perhaps there are others that know of suits or attorney sthat have undertaken these suits before and which laws we should sue under, be either Federal or State laws and courts.

6. We also want evidence regarding the type and nature of the harm on the ground, to animals water and humans, that can be connected to the barium, strontium, aluminum and other chemicals being sprayed.

7. Eventually we will need expert witnesses to be able to testify in court to convince the jury or the judge that this is actually happening, and it needs to be stopped.

Be aware that if we sue these agencies and we lose, we could be subjected to costs of defense of the suit. It may or may not include attorney's fees in our cost bill if we sue and lose, so it is important to have solid evidence before we file the suit.

But of course if we win, we should recover our costs and attorney's fees.
Joseph H. Marman, Esq.
(916) 721-3324
Fax 721-3633

--- end ---


ok cathy this is good. obviously this is an international scheme involving the developed countries. we will lose. this is so tight shut it is incredible. someone has to break out from the inside and spill the beans and get their information in print. we got to get an elected official that agrees with us and then go after them

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  1. What kind of attitude is that Cathy? We need to continually sue the EPA, Air Force, University of California-Berkeley (where some of the nano-machines are manufactured, NASA also makes them) until progress is made. It's when lawsuits are initiated and the evidence gathering has started that others will come forth with more information, some hopefully that have worked in the program. Clifford Carnicom, Leonard Horowitz, and Mike Murphy are all very good people to get in touch with.

    If you sue once and lose it is not failure. Just get back on your feet again and go back at it. The national support and funding for a lawsuit would be huge, if not infinitive. The entire nation is sick, tired, weak, and scared. We are at our death, literally and figuratively. If nothing is done shortly, we are over.

    is the best overall resource for the real reason and agenda behind chemtrails. Geo-engineering is part of the plan don't get me wrong, but not nearly as harmful to our bodies than what the nano-labs are doing by their influence.

    S.Sul laboratory at UC-Berkeley as well as their electrical engineering lab I believe it was EE49, as well as the Mesa+ nano-tech lab in the Netherlands, and the FRISYS lab in Germany are the primary creators of these man killers. These people need to be brought to justice immediately! Also the public deserves a vaccination for these bio-weapons.