Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chemtrails Over Ganges, British Columbia, Canada

Tuesday (June 22, 2010) Over Ganges
by Anon.

We are mostly now getting a full thin, glaring white veil of what I call ChemCover, like the first half of today, as opposed to the typical visible trails.

This is because NASA is now craftily using their new delivery system of rocket bursts over the Canadian Arctic.

That's why up until about noon on Tues or Wed we had nothing but the thin, glaring, silvery white death shroud filling the sky and then the trail method started happening in full force with each of the spray flights seeming to have Comox Air Base as their point of origin.

The same was true of today except that when the ChemCover drifted on by, we had beautiful natural clouds -- a very rare occurrence these days.

I have many spectacularly ugly Chembow or "Sundog" photos. One week last month, I snapped Chembows eight out of 12 days.

The attached photos are a combination of NASA's "smart dust" ChemCover and common Chemtrails.



  1. Pauly Girl of Tehachapi7/02/2010 3:38 PM

    Same new 'technique' in southern California. We hadn't seen them in several weeks (too busy destroying the Gulf with dumping Correctix!), but din and haze still present.....then, a friend was in north Mohave and at night strafes of several large jets.....with the goods! Guess, they figure few people around Death Valley this time of year, so let it out over Sierras and will drift over SoCal!

  2. If you haven't already when you get some time, be sure to listen to Kay Griggs who back in the late '90's exposed the outrageous antics of the military: