Friday, April 17, 2009

Email from New York

SUBJECT: Chemtrails 4/16/09
Friday, April 17, 2009 9:42 AM

Hi Cathy,

Saw your video you posted regarding chemtrails 4/16/09. It's nice to know there are some people out there that are still awake.

It might interest you to know that yesterday on 4.16.09, coming home from graduate school at NYU in New York City I just happened to look up in the sky and "lo and behold" I saw a bunch of jets flying and criss-crossing the sky with chemtrails. I couldn't believe my eyes because on the New Jersey side facing west there almost wasn't a cloud in the sky and right over manhattan and the 5 boroughs all I saw were chemtrails and chemtrail clouds forming. It was so damn obvious!!!

I stood by the Hudson River for 15-20 minutes just watching them criss-cross make 2 " X's " ... one on the north side of manhattan and then one on the south side and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. If you were in a satellite and could look down upon the earth where "X" marks the spot it becomes so obvious what they were doing. Clearly they are marking these areas for future operations and testing and getting ready for a future event!!!

It's unfortunate because it seems like I was the only one noticing and paying attention to what was going on in our skies and when you talk to people about it they laugh and think you're crazy. So any other information that you have I'd like to share with you.

Also, I've done alot of research myself and have quite abit of info the share as well. Please let me know what you think. I'm starting to get really tired of dealing with people that are still asleep and it would be nice to communicate with someone else for once who really knows what's going on!!! Thanks.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the email Bruce. I too am quite tired of the endless chemical polution day after day here. In fact, right NOW (9:30am pacific) I see out my work window chemtrail jets fly back and forth across the sky, north San Francisco bay area - quite tragic, distrubing & very frustrating indeed!

So I will post your email on my blog and if you happen to have pics, pls send and I will add.

Onward we go, looking BEYOND the chemtrails, seeking Divine intervention.


PS And yes, most folks just don't see and the few that do, either go into denial or get mad at me. It is shocking to think our gov could be that corrupt and evil. The tv etc brainwashing is working only too well (they don't call it programming for nothing!), so people need to unplug from the big brother box (now flat hd screen!) and wakeup FOR SURE!

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