Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today's Sonoma's Sky was Filled Chemtrails



  1. hey this is john again down in anaheim, today is march 1 2009. today was a heavy day of chemtrails again. the whole sky was full of trails from sun up till sun down. too many to count. i hope we find out what is really going on. this is criminal - i do not know why people are not recognizing this all they have to do is look up

  2. Hi John, yes, quite frustrating but good to know that there are MANY who are documenting their skies on youtube etc.

    Many folks around me are sick and I keep telling them to stop microwaving their food, eat healthy/not processed, cilantro pulls metal out of system, etc etc and of course the most important, pray to the Lord Jesus Christ as none of this is a surprise to Him!

    Looking BEYOND the ct's,