Friday, February 20, 2009

Blue Skies Where Have You Gone?



  1. Hi my name is John S. I live in Anaheim Ca. Today was a heavy chemtrail day in So Cal. I can see they were spraying up your way too. I have no idea what is going on. I told my uncle and nephew. My uncle really got taken by this. Something is going on. Can you tell me if it is related to changing the weather or is it something more sinister?

  2. All I know is what I see in the sky, what I watch from other concerned folks and what I've read and I believe chemtrails are a form of not only weather control but mainly population control - whoever is doing this (the satanists who have infiltrated the govenments) - is experimenting on us and it is criminal.

    Many have tried to bring this to the attention of their official leaders but get no where. It is a HUGE problem but no one is talking... except you and me.

    My prayer is that the Truth be revealed, the lies be exposed, the deceived wakeup, the sinner repent, the lost get saved and that the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.

    Our hope is in the Lord!


  3. Dear Cathy,

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