Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chemtrails and Fires

Received this email today - thanks for writing, KE!


Thank you for blogging regarding this topic of chemtrails and the California fires. I have been watching and reporting activity since August of 2006, when my home of Shasta County fell victim to the latest non-stop chemtrail campaign.

I find it interesting to see so many people reporting online that they too suspect the trails for the recent fires. I did not realize that they same thing was happening in Sonoma and the Bay area! Yes, there are over 1400 California fires, reportedly, that have started in the past few weeks, but most of what I have heard and seen has been here in the Shasta/Lassen area: Redding, Shasta Lake, Cottonwood, Chico, Paradise.

We have been covered in smoke since the fires started from lightning on June 21st. Let me share my story:

On Friday, June 20th, I was driving back to Redding from a week in Lassen (in the foothills of the park). I noticed a few low and heavy trails in Lassen while I was there. But it was warm and beautiful that Friday coming home to Redding. Then noticed some trails.

I heard airplane activity all night, something that I never noticed here until 2007. The sky seemed brighter than usual for midnight ( reflection from a chemical sky). My window was open and it was very breezy and cool. I thought it was very strange.... it felt like early March, not late June.

The next day was dark with rainclouds, but we also had light breaking through. There were cooler temperatures, and I thought it was a beautiful day. I could hear and see the activity and I knew they we spraying. There was practically not a cloud in the sky the day before, no forecast of a huge unseasonable rainstorm, and yet here it was raining. And lightning was striking. The fires started and are still raging around us, three weeks later.

Yes, it cleared up by Sunday (the next day), and there were no trails for several days afterwards.... which is rare. I guess they needed the airspace to bring in all of the firefighting planes. Then about a week or so later, the news reported that there were to be winds coming.... they would make the skies clearer for the planes to see, but it would make the fires worse. And what do you know? The next day the chemplanes were at it again, bringing us the prescribed wind, with the firefighting planes somehow....missing. Even though they were supposed to be taking advantage of the wind. Instead they just made way for the chemtrail planes. Funny.

That's my story. I believe the chemtrails played a role in our current fires. Oh, and it all happened on the night of June 21/22.....Summer Solstice, which is a satanic holiday. This is important to note because the elitest/ chemtrail perpetrators feel they receive more power when they perform sacrifices, or harmful acts, on or around these dates. (The Southern California fires this fall were around Halloween.)

Thanks again, Cathy. I hope this helps your research as you can see our area experienced the exact same thing you all witnessed.


K. E.


  1. This individual has completely lost touch with reality. Chemtrails (no such thing by the way) did not start any fires in CA. Now that is the most ludicrous claim ever! As for your blog here, let me ask you this: Are you a meterologist? How about an aviation expert? Are you an airline pilot? What are your credentials? I am curious to see what your answers are here because you too are completely off base about your chemtrail conspiracies. I shake my head and laugh. You really have no idea what you are talking about...period. Chemtrails don't exist!! But what do I know...?

    JetBlue pilot.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    To answer your questions, the answer to all is 'no'. I am simply a person who enjoys beautiful blue skies which I've been missing these days due to fire smoke and previously due to areosol spraying from jets.

    But please watch the video 'Aerosol Crimes'. There's a link on my blog. I'd like your opinion on it.

    Thanks Ryan!