Friday, February 8, 2008

Look Up, Sonoma!

How can people NOT see all the spraying going on?? Deceived? Brainwashed? Too busy? Please, folks LOOK UP and watch what is going on over your head almost daily!

Part 1

Part 2


  1. We live in Cloverdale and Alexander Valley and we have noticed the Chemtrails almost everyday. Have you tried to talk to anyone at the Press Democrat? This is really scary to find out what the criss-cross really is. I am going to contact channel 7 news. thanks for the information; now we know that we are not the only people noticing.

  2. Oh good to hear you are taking action!

    I haven't contacted the PD but did write a letter to the Sonoma Fire Dept and copied the Police and Index Tribune a few months ago.

    Still waiting for a reply but not holding my breath!

    And my letter wasn't in the newspaper that I saw. Sadly, no surprise here.

    It's an outrage yet no one seems to care.