Monday, February 18, 2008

2003 Photos from Inside a Chemtrail Plane?

2/23/08 UPDATE
Received this today regarding the photos below: " It is merely a Boeing test engineering setup to alter the center of gravity etc.during flight testing."

Click here to read and see more and here's a 6/17/05 article: Our reporter tours one of the first Airbus A380s


Received these photos today via email.


  1. This is getting pretty pathetic now!!! You should really be banned from Blogger for creating this post. Any normal person knows this is ballast for weight and balance on a new plane that is being used for testing purposes.. like the A380. Shame on you for misleading people. But that's apparently you job, right? By the way, do you have a job or are us "taxpayers" paying for your existence right now? Please, let me know...

    JetBlue Pilot

  2. Hi again Ryan,
    If you read what I wrote, it is negating the idea that this is inside a chemtrail plane.

    I had previously posted opposite that but someone emailed saying it was in error, so I made the correction.

    However, not being a first-hand witness of this plane, I don't know for sure either way, thus my question: "2003 Photos from inside a chemtrail plane?"

    And surprise-surprise, Ryan, you'll be happy to know that I am gainfully employed, full time even.



  3. I think its great pictures

    dont listen to ryan he is exactly what he says he is "normal"

    normal sheep that dont make theyre own observations they just spit up what they've heard.

    even if its for "testing" the fact remains that they are still doing such operations.