Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Day of Spray



  1. oh gaawd, incidental background light off clouds, ambient moisture produces this phantom appearance, but rest assured, those combustible 'chem-trails',i.e., none other than H2O vapor, is pretty innocuous! BTW, can you get a camera person who hasn't been drinking or invest in a digital stabilizer?

  2. Ha, BIllDEBURG? as in the group????????? Hahaaa, some chemers are on chem, others appear to hane genuine concern for their kid's health and constitutional rights NOT being subverted for a program that's NOT passed environmental OR legal muster! The area of San Bernardino Couty has been 'selected' for this experiment on climate control because of the depth and breadth of corruption (read any paper!)because no one cares...................