Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chemtrails Today Over Dagenham Essex, UK



  1. These chemtrail pics are terrifying and beautiful at the same time. I know they are evil, but they make such pretty colors. I am a Christian/conspiracy theorist with a new blog who's looking for like-minded bloggers to share with. Have a happy Sunday.

  2. i saw these to over harwich and your right no wings me and 3 others witnessed this and i took some photo's what i saw looked blurred almost long almost a rocket shape was flying the same way a plane do's though the sky was really blue this morning and all this seemed infront of the sun...we didnt imagine this there were normal contrails in the sky from commercial jets going into stansted airport essex..there were around 9 different planes leaving chemtrails and one what i can only describe as more rocket looking than an airplane we have just watched your clip and when you said no wing this rang alarm bells with us

  3. Why not start a blog (it's free) and post your photos?

  4. do these pilots not know that they are essentially spraying onto their familes and other elatives? I mean, it astounds me that the some people can be so ignorant and not question why they are being asked to spray this stuff. As far as conspiracy goes in general, I love reading them, however I do not see this as a 'theory' - Just look up. Here in chafford hundred, it is a chemtrail playground, lines upon lines of white trail laced across the sky. These clouds subsequently morph into cirrus clouds and tyhen into a thin white haze is observed over long periods of time. Something has to be done, for our childrens sake.

    1. Totally agree! How do these pilots sleep at night? The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.