Friday, January 16, 2009

Man-Made 'Cloud'

What is this in the sky?? Looks like smoke or something more sinister. We know it's not a real cloud but is the result of jet airplanes spraying into the air we breathe.

Took this photo yesterday, January 15, 2009, around 4:30pm here in Sonoma.

What is it/what's in it and why does it linger overhead?


  1. Says who? You...the weather expert? Those are just ice crystals. See them all the time. Nothing unusual.


    Hello Katie, you know me from older
    comment. I'm live in Germany.
    And now a not too small political
    party has confirmed, that chemtrails are sprayed in Europe and otherwhere.

    this party is the green party
    This party was in the government with joschka fischer and gerhard schroeder from 1998 till 2004 in Germany.

    link to the offical political site, where chemtrails were confirmed.

    god bless you in this new year

  3. german party confirms chemtrails.

    they were in the government between 1998 and 2005 in Germany


  4. Has any of that information been translated to English somewhere?

    Vielen Dank! (Many Thanks!)


  5. Cathy,
    for the first i translated it with a professional tool.

    here is the machinel text:


    The destruction of the sky through "Chemtrails"

    "It rings as an incredible horror-fantasy, and nevertheless newest disclosures confirmed: Within the framework of a US project airplanes spray a dangerous aluminum-mixture into the sky, also in Europe. The chemical swaths are supposed to cool off the earth's atmosphere and to renovate the ozonosphere. The side effect: Unpredictable damages for health and environment"!
    The background
    The official climate research goes out, that, simplifies saidly, due to the massive consumption of fossil combustibles in the last 150 years the escape of the heat radiation given of the earth into the space strong is hindered. The complicated interchange of heat leads to a worldwide rise of the temperatures that accepted scales alarming in the meantime. Finally the heating is supposed to bring the climate on the entire earth for the tilting. First of all the poles are supposed to melt, to occur worldwide droughts, to become extinct more and more kinds and finally, not to be able to live in 20 to 50 years also the human being anymore. In order to fight against this development to recommend to lay off two Japanese scientists metallic oxides (alumina and barium salts are used) in the stratosphere that convert heat into infrared waves and derive heat into the space. Thus the wanted cooling effect arises.

    The chemicals are eingesprueht obviously from the bearing surfaces or the rear tail unit without attracting attention into the condensation trails of the airplanes. First attempts patrolled on addition of the chemicals to the airplane fuel. Due to technical problems even tanks passenger machines would go today in order to spray the poisons on the scheduled flights in the air.
    Predominant should in this way with relatively small costs -
    some billions of euros per annum - the increasing climate warming
    Being made again declining (Greenhouse effect).
    Sanitary consequences of the Chemtrails
    In the USA, where the Chemtrails are an open secret, increased in sprayed fields by means of statistical investigations following symptoms found:
    • Spontaneous nosebleed at intense Ausgesetztsein, breathlessness, headaches, disturbances of equilibrium as well as chronic fatigue.
    • It resulted increasingly in flu epidemics, asthma, conjunctivitis as well as even to Kurzzeitgedaechnis loss.
    Who has the benefit?

    Calculations sagenqn from, that to check the earth warming in this way around up to 85 %
    would be. That would allow, the output fossil combustibles in the next 50 years still too
    double! Thus would become particularly oil-, Pharmazeutik and military industry of this intention
    financially strongly profit! The agreement of Kyoto, up to the Jaehre 2020 the C02 output
    to reduce drastically, did not need to be verified too, there the industrial C02-Emmission
    do not want to represent any problem more (the way of the George W. Bush is?). The US-Air-Force
    write in a report about the efforts, the worldwide weather, to at the latest 2025 with
    military - to bring to technological means under control in order to manipulate it any then
    Report about strange but suitable weather conditions in Kosovo 1999 as well as over
    South Korea let even onto an occurred Military use the „ Weather arm "close.

    But around which price?

    Since the atmosphere is obscured by the spraying-actions consciously in big height massively, the vital sunlight reaches considerably weakened, diffuse and distorted due to the only 10 Micron small Aluminiumpartikelchen presumably also in the frequencies onto the earth, into the water and into the breath air. This light revocation causes also a clear cooling, at the same time, however, also a strong air drying out.
    • At the beginning of a spraying-series a cooling of up to 7 degrees does not set in rarely.
    • the humidity decreases clearly and rapidly: The hygrometer can onto extremely low values only of still 5-20% sink. From yet so thick and gray Chemtrails-clouds it never rains! The starting cold and dryness holds also still after days.
    • Often the weather turns first after a week again season-typical, „normalen" Evaluate back - and is manipulated mostly immediately again by new Chemtrailsfluege.
    • Less fallouts drain the ground, reduced fertility of the grounds, increasing desert education, is kind death the consequence. Glaciers, rivers, creeks and groundwaters decrease drastically at wave content, drinking water lack results from that, high Irrigation/waste water costs.
    • Harvest failure rates bring famines, poverty, sorrow, need, illnesses, epidemics.
    • Due to the produced light lack the fruits increase more slowly and mature later or not at all from. Plants, animals and people receive less of the life and health-necessary sunlight, become more slightly sick, mature more rapidly, are weakened immune and less resistant through that.
    In this way a very new possibility of the control surrenders to that one
    Natural phenomena: States can artificial the Wasser- therefore rain supply cut,
    being caused in this way existence danger and dependence!
    Thus can developing countries into an even greater dependence opposite
    the industrial countries' succeeded - indeed the dependence, whether it rains or


    hope it helps you for the first.

    see you soon

  6. Thank you! It gives a good idea of what they are saying.

    May the Truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the deceived wakeup, may the sinner repent, may the lost get saved and may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified continues to be my prayer.

    And I also add, may the chemtrails stop, dear Lord!


    PS Thirsty? Drink Living Water: