Saturday, December 20, 2008

While on a Bike Ride, Took Photos of Sonoma Chemtrails



  1. I'm sorry you believe in chemtrails. I live less than 20 miles from you and I am sorry to inform you that these are all normal contrails.

  2. Ryan, a few questions...

    1. If these were water vapor condensation trails/contrails like you say, wouldn't they dissipate/disappear within minutes?

    2. Why do they linger and spread?

    3. Before 1990, I never saw trails like these - why do you think that is?

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hello Cathy,

    1. No, not all contrails dissipate/dissolve within minutes. This is a HUGE misconception. It seems believers are very black or white on the subject. If (A) they dissipate quickly they are contrails; If (B) they don't, then they are chemtrails. That's a very big assumption, don't you think? There are many factors here. Take January 3, for example. Aircraft flying at 29,000 feet above Sonoma County were making HUGE billowy, lingering contrails, and aircraft flying above 35,000 feet were making smaller contrails that dissipated rather quickly. These are just normal airliners flying in different conditions at different altitudes, that's all. I know because I track aircraft around Sonoma County and have flown in these conditions for YEARS.

    2. Contrails linger and spread due to varying amounts of water vapor (in the form of ice crystals) as well as wind. It may be nice, no wind and warm and sunny in Sonoma with 70 degrees, but at 37,000 feet it is most likely -54 degrees C and winds out of the west at up to 200 MPH! That's very conducive to contrail formation and winds fast enough to spread the contrail out over several miles. Trust me, I know...

    3. I've seen trails like this linger WELL before 1990. I've seen them in the '80's. Another misconception.

    Please read this:

    So let me ask you this: Are these "suspect" chemtrail aircraft normal jetliners or are they military aircraft? Why are there no pictures of these aircraft on your blog, but just some spread out contrails? Please explain.