Sunday, September 21, 2008

NYC - What is This??

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Part 2


September 19, 2008 Audio Interview with Clifford Carnicom
"Plasma Matrix" with Clifford Carnicom
Top aerosols researcher Clifford Carnicom deconstructs the myth of "persistent jet contrails" (NASA's term for what appears to be a global spraying operation) and explains the bottom line of compromised visibility. Our mortality rises in direct correlation with substances in the air that impede our ability to see. The deliberate saturation of our environment with sprayed particulates has transformed our atmosphere into a plasma (an electrically charged medium) that can transmit and propagate energy. Weapons systems are able to use the energy of a plasma, so what might be in store for us? Why is there a cover-up that begins with the language itself ("persistent contrails")? The first of a series to clarify the implications of a global operation that has permanently altered our planet.

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