Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aerial Spray of Apple Moth to be Discussed

The Sonoma City Council will meet this Wednesday, May 7th at 177 1st St.West at 6:00 pm, to discuss and consider a "Resolution Opposing the California Department of Food and Agriculture Aerial Spray Program to Eradicate the Light Brown Apple Moth." (mtg agenda)

Concerned citizens can attend and/or write a letter to the City Council and either drop it off at the meeting or send it to the City Clerk, Gay Rainbarger at: who will pass it along to the Council members.

For more info on the aerial spraying planned to occur in August in the Bay Area (Sonoma is not yet on the list, but moths have been found here), recent spraying in Santa Cruz and Monterey, as well the alternative solutions to the spray, please go to:

Sonoma mothers, teachers as well as some children will be speaking along with a retired Mayor from Marin who will speak on behalf of the spraying issue.

"My child nearly died from the first round of spraying. He now has asthma from exposure to this chemical cocktail. As a proud member of our Armed Forces, I can honestly say that this is not what I fight for." Tim Wilcox, Major in the US Air Force, Monterey, Ca. He has evacuated his wife and 11 month baby from Monterey. They now live in Napa. Listen to Tim:


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