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Highly Toxic Chem-spray over Libby, Montana

Pam Schuffert Reports Highly Toxic Chem-spray over Libby, Montana

From Pam Schuffert
February 28, 2007


Friends, I cannot emphasize more clearly the following sobering fact: we will have WAR on our nation's soil beyond anything the average America person could comprehend. And now Americans are being used as unwilling guinea pigs for the US military testing of deadly chemica-biological warfare agents on its own citizens.

WAR has been in the proess for a long time . The WAR against our freedoms. The WAR against our religious beliefs. The WAR to bring our Constitutionally based government, sovereignty and freedoms down beneath the jack-booted heels of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

However, I recently had a true TASTE of the literal type of warfare that will be unleashed with impunity and brutally, insensitive to the value of human life, in the near future.

To understand more about what I am to share with you , you may first go to: and type in SEARCH the following:

CHEMTRAILS testing biological chemical Pentagon USAF Morgellons

You may then visit various websites that are dedicated to exposing the outrage and the horrors of the ongoing secret government/military programs using the American people as unwitting human guinea pigs to test their chemical/biological warfare agents and monitor their effects on the citizens of this country.

They are in the process of testing chemical warfare substances that can act as crowd control agents, incapacitation agents, and even that which will permanently incapacitate or outright kill enemy combatants. Do they work? You bet...

I know, because I just got EXPOSED to some they were apparently testing in this region of Montana (Libby) and I am still gradually recovering and working HARD to fully understand what I was hit with and the long term consequences.

And my experience was totally CONFIRMED by a person whose husband works for the NSA intelligence agency. She described how she was brought into an office and told the following:

There is a SECRET GOVERNMENT/MILITARY PROGRAM BASED OUT OF THE PENTAGON to use the people of MONTANA as HUMAN GUINEA PIGS to test chemical/biological warfare agents. Their reasoning is that IF you were to test these substances on MORE POPULATED REGIONS, you would make many MORE people sick with each spraying. MONTANA IS SPARSELY POPULATED, and therefore the ideal state to test them in.

She was also told that they used the regional hospital in that area being tested to monitor the reaction of locals to the deadly chem/bios. A company is working for the Pentagon, flying these planes resembling CROP DUSTER PLANES, but which in fact are CHEM/BIO TESTING PLANES to spray these toxic and deadly substances on the American people.

And of course anything sprayed aerially can affect the local water supplies and more. In the area I was affected by them, I know that I encountered them both in the air and in the local water supply.

What were my symptoms? At first, I could actually "taste" the chemicals in the air: they had no detectable odor. But they left a metallic taste in my mouth that was distasteful and very distinct....cold, the same kind of taste when one eats snow (indicating they fell from the sky), metallic.

And soon the symptom began to manifest in earnest: distinct mind-control type effects as described by so many survivors of military testing programs of various kinds. .

They began to directly interfere with my ability to think, to make reasonable decisions, to give commands to my body (negative severe neurological effects) and at times memory. They had a distinct effect of what can only be pacifying, neutralizing any ability to effectively FIGHT, to offer resistance (as in a combat/ confrontation situation) and to make my mind totally pliable and subject to crowd control and suggestion and unable to think independently or with strength. My strength was depleted and I admit at times I felt close to death...yet knew that there was nothing wrong internally with my health nor was it health related.

It was coming from the outside.

In fact, so strong was this substance, that I almost lost the ability to stand at times and almost collapsed on the floor more than once. My mind felt continuallly stripped of it's ability to think properly.

Interestingly, I was visiting an area known for many things, including a nearby hidden UN mlitary training base facility two hours away and I was staying across from a regional airport as well... the same kind that houses the planes being used for this secret Pentagon CHEM/BIO testing program.

This would be an ideal location as far as military reasoning would be because of its admittedly large population of NWO resistance (armed freedom-loving militia communities prevalent there) and the very types of people the future NWO forces of tyranny will seek to control through such deadly substances. (Of course, the US miltary never thinks about how it might affect the babies and children, the elderly, the already incapacitated.)

PRAY FOR ME. While I feel I am 99 percent out of the woods, I am battling lingering results affecting certain capacities of my body to function properly. I trust that I will be alright, in Jesus wonderful name. And in fact I WILL be....I just don't like the RECOVERY PERIOD when God allows me to go through such things!

I will write MORE on this timely subject and send more emails out.

Yes, they are real, they are DEADLY...they are LIFE threatening...and they are already here.

And in case there was an implied message to nosy investigators of the NWO like myself, attempting to find out the truth about the coming NWO CONQUEST of America, the message was made clear this time around: "A WARNING TO ALL WHO CHOOSE TO STAND IN THE WAY OF OUR NWO AGENDA IN THE FUTURE. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO STAND AGAINST US IF YOU WISH, BUT HERE IS EXACTLY HOW WE WILL DEAL WITH ALL RESISTANCE IN THE FUTURE!"

To put it bluntly, in the words of NWO military enthusiast (now retired) Ralph Peters, "...the US MILITARY must be prepared to counter all future NWO RESISTANCE with IRRESISTABLE FORCE...."

It is experiences such as the one I just had, that I certainly can detect the seriousness with which they will perform their future task of subduing Americans under the New World Order.

And even as NWO planners have admitted from the inside of the US military working for the New World Order agenda:

"WE ARE THE RIDERS OF THE PALE HORSE: WE COME TO BRING DEATH...'god' [SATAN] SELECTS, WE DESTROY......." (quote from Barbara Marx Hubard when working with military satanist Michael Aquino towards a NWO agenda)

How many times must I emphasize to my readers, THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. My reporting will prove correct.

Seek God now for a battle strategy from the throne of grace on behalf of YOUR family and loved ones...because once this comes down, it may be too late, as you lie dead just one more victim of of the NWO conquest strategies.

God bless, Pamela reporting from a SAFER location in MONTANA


--- end ---


Now I must comment on the above article by Pam which provokes fear in spite of the truth being declared. As a Christian, we are to walk by FAITH and not FEAR. Let's remember that God is in control and we are to put our trust in Him and not anyone nor anything else. Death will come to each of us one and for those of us who are saved/born-again/Christians/followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, death is not a fearful thing at all.

So how do we prepare? Continue doing what you are doing. And when you are concerned about anything, pray with thanksgiving and the Lord will give you His peace.

We are not going to stop the one world order. God can. He stopped it at the tower of Babel. He stopped it at the flood. He stopped it at the fall of Rome. So let's not freak out but let's find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace who calmed the storm by saying, "Peace! Be still!"

And if you are a Christian, turn from fear and let the peace God flood your heart.

If you are not a Christian, consider turning to God right now and receiving His Son as your Lord and Savior. Sin causes death and our sin will send us to hell for eternity. Sin separates us from a Holy God, but the Good News is, He sent His only begotten Son to live a perfect life, die on the cross, shed his blood to take away our sin, and after 3 days rise from the dead. Then forty days later, the Lord Jesus Christ ascended to heaven in a cloud, is now sitting at the right hand of the Father, and one day will return. R U ready? If not, why not? Put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ today.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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  1. Your symptons sound much more like a date-rape drug than a chem or bio attack. If you were so important to become a target of the government, you would be dead, dear lady, not remembered "mind altering" experiences from being drugged. Bio and Chem attacks require specific countering treatment in a hospital. Date rape drugs wear off and leave you with many of the symptons you discribe.