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Are They Spraying Us With Chemical Weapons for Mass Destruction?

Gulf spraying act of war (Pt III) Chemical warfare white cloud of death

July 14, 8:01 PM
Human Rights Examiner
by Deborah Dupre'
Human Rights Examiner

Photo: Poison gas attack, WWI

Chemical warfare white cloud of death

Chemtrailing humans with Corexit based poison is burning people with a 'nepalm-like substance.' Reports abound of the poison attack burning plant life, therefore poisoning the food supply as the new Youtube video below documents.

Filmmaker and Renewable Energy UN Ambassador of Goodwill, Josh Tickell, who is director of FUEL, writes from South Louisiana that the Gulf situation is deteriorating for humans.

"The use of the deadly and toxic chemical Corexit continues at an undisclosed rate per day. With our group of eight people standing on the beach, 100 feet from the surf of the Gulf, our eyes were burning and as we approached the water our skin was affected," reports Tickell.

"Most people walked off the beach with rashes. This is not from the oil, it is from the napalm-like substance that is being manufactured in conjunction with BP and put into the Gulf of Mexico with enough quantity to effect the air. (Emphasis added)

"Tests reveal that this chemical compound is becoming an aerosol and traveling, as a cloud, across the beach communities," stated Tickell.

As highlighted in Part I of this series, chemical warfare (CW) involves toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons. In chemical warfare terms, "dispersion" is placing the chemical agent upon or adjacent to a target immediately before dissemination, so that the material is most efficiently used. Dispersion is the simplest technique of delivering an agent to its target. (See Censored Gulf dispersant news: Aerial spraying act of war Part I, Examiner, Dupre, June 2010)

In attempt to prevent such atrocities and hold perpetrators responsible, on April 29 1997, the Chemical Weapons Convention - CWC) entered into force. It is the Convention on prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction, of 13 January 1993 and reinforcing the 1925 Geneva Protocol prohibiting chemical and biological weapons by banning development, production and stockpiling of chemical weapons.

Under the banner of "pesticide research," the US Do, EPA and petrochemical-military-industrial complex continued its research and development chemical weapons of mass destruction, testing them on plant and animal life, including humans. (See Part II of this series)

Chemical weapons of mas destruction (WMDs) are what President Bush accused Iraq of having, lying to justify murdering millions of people there for its resources, while developing and stockpiling such WMDs on American soil, now using them on Americans. At least one known foreign country, Britain, is an enemy in this war.

Tickell advises that this "aerosol spraying is illegal and could be fatal for multiple life forms," a statement to be welcomed by many leaders, such as AC Griffith (heard in the chemtrail video below), thousands of citizens and organizations across the US, such as Geo-engineering Watch, plus organizations overseas - all battling for years to raise awareness about the act of war on the people and genuine national security issue of chemtrails.

Only a year ago, Tickell was skeptical about chemtrails and decades of research and development to apply them to the human population by the petrochemical-military-industrial complex that includes private companies, such as airlines, spraying them. Like most people, he found this human rights violation too difficult to face or believe: that geophysical weapons, under the sophisticated science of geoengineering, includes spraying the human population with deadly chemcals, authorized by the US government.

Geoengineering, the artificial modification of the earth's climate systems, is an environment modification (ENMOD) science for the "deliberate manipulation of natural processes - the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space that can be applied as a weapon of mass destruction."

Geoengineering projects range from declassified experimentation, such as dumping particles into the oceans to attract algae that sequesters carbon and theoretically slows "global warming," to highly classified experimentation such as aerosol spraying. (See:Geoengineers at annual conference to face human rights defenders, Dupre, Examiner, 2009)

Denial by intelligent people of integrity of all walks of life has been a major frustration for those exposing new, high-tech weapons, including chemical weapons. DoD obcene funding plus black budgets helped open the gate wide open for even heavier aerial poisoning of humans and all other life forms, as experienced and witnessed along the Gulf coast today.

Aside from the odorless poison destined to be the cause of human injury and deaths from breathing it, in a new video (below), a Floridian showing his burned yard plants says, "If its killing our plants, its killing our food. If we can’t have food we die.

"Don’t you see that?"

He urges the public to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but the backbone of both were shredded with enactment of the USA PATRIOT ACT during the Bush administration. That set the stage for events unfolding today.

The Floridian now questions, "We let a foreign company come in and tell us what we can and can't do?"

Controversial post-9/11 expansions of executive branch powers prompted the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, BORDC to urge local showings of a video about dangers threatening Americans. It hoped for subsequent nationwide dialogue about whether the power needs to be curbed to protect U.S. residents' constitutional rights.

Instead, the citizenry was succesfully pacified with TV and mainstream newspapers, and Congress maintained the USA PATRIOT ACT instead of restoring Constitutional rights through the JUSTICE ACT.

ACLU called the USA PATRIOT ACT a "minefield for American rights."

The same corpocracy that designed and supported the USA PATRIOT ACT dictating the nation's people has now ruthlessly stepped on a deep water minefield.

It is using its decades of sinister, secret and torturous research and development paid by the taxpayers to kill them in an act of war using a chemical weapon of mass destruction while its Attorney General, Eric Holden ponders: Is this a civil or a criminal case?

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Chemtrails Over Burbank's Airport

This photo was from a July 15, 2010, article in the local Burbank Leader which talks about cleaning up the water.

What about the air??

LINK: Airport officials want cleanup costs covered
Contaminated groundwater was fault of Lockheed, not airport, they say.,0,2831766.story

Chemtrails Over Panama City Beach, Florida

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Barium, Mushrooms and Chemtrails

Sudden Death Syndrome Linked to Barium in Tiny Yunnan Mushrooms

Mushrooms Caused Sudden Death Syndrome - <i>Andrew 
Mushrooms Caused Sudden Death Syndrome - Andrew Bossi
After 5 years of investigations, a cause has been determined for Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome in China. This mystery syndrome has taken 400 lives.

On July 13, 2010, Yahoo News reported that every summer at the peak of the wet season, numerous people in the province of Yunnan, located in southwestern China would suddenly pass away of cardiac arrest. Researchers have finally discovered the cause of this mysterious syndrome, a small mushroom known as Little White.

Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome Investigators

Local health officials in Yunnan Province noted this mystery syndrome for years. In 2004, they appealed to Beijing officials for help in determining the cause. The government assigned the investigation to the China Field Epidemiology Training Program. This is a unit of medical investigators at China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention who have been assigned some of the country's toughest health mysteries.
This elite Chinese medical team encountered numerous obstacles that hindered their ability to quickly find a cause. The villagers in this area speak a dialect that was unknown to the investigators making communication difficult. Also, villagers live scattered in remote areas that are plagued with torrential rains and mudslides. In addition, rapid burials made it very difficult to conduct autopsies.

Investigators narrowed their focus on mushrooms because more than 90% of the deaths occurred during the harvesting season. Yunnan Province is well-known for exporting a wide variety of mushrooms at high prices. However, in 2008, health investigators discovered a very tiny mushroom in the homes of those who had passed away. This Little White mushroom is not sold in markets because it is too small.

Cause of Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome

These tiny mushrooms were thoroughly tested and some toxins were discovered, but not in quantities considered being deadly. Researchers reexamined these mushrooms and discovered very high levels of barium.

Barium is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in the soil and is the world’s 14th most common element. However, small amounts of water-soluble barium can trigger heart rhythm changes, breath difficulties, increased blood pressure, swelling of the brain and liver, kidney and heart damage as well as other negative health effects.

Victims of Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome consumed high levels of barium via these mushrooms. The cause of the high barium concentrations is unknown to these researchers.

Read on 

From May 28-30, 2010, The Belfort Group held a successful international symposium in Ghent, Belgium, on global aerosol spraying, better known as chemtrails.

Possible Barium Sources

KSLA News 12 in Shreveport, Louisiana conducted an investigation into chemtrails. Chemtrails are also referred to as geo-engineering and after numerous planes have created chemtrails in the atmosphere, this news team discovered that barium levels are spiked.

Peter Vereecke of the Belfort Group in Belgium says that chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory. “Chemtrails are not contrails,” he stated in an email with Suite101. Vereecke is the former mayor of Evergem in Belgium and he has heard from many concerned individuals worldwide about aircraft spraying barium and other metals into the atmosphere, otherwise known as stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (SAG).

In an email interview with Suite101, Michael J. Murphy, journalist and Los Angeles film maker writes, “In my research in the production of What in the World are They Spraying?, I have been made aware of rain, snow and soil tests from around the world that reveal very high amounts of barium and aluminum. Barium is one of the ingredients in stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering models that have been proposed by geo-engineers. I think that this might indicate that there is a connection between aerosol spraying/chemtrails and the barium/mushroom issue.”

People in the Yunnan province were urged to stop eating these tiny mushrooms and so far this year, there are no deaths. Researchers in China continue with lab investigations.

Further Reading:

Yahoo News: Tiny, toxic mushrooms kill hundreds in China; July 13, 2010
The Belfort Group ( ) (Periodic Elements)
© 2010 Karen Stephenson

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What in the World Are They Spraying? Part II

Received the following via email from the author on July 11, 2010:

What in the World Are They Spraying? Part II

Could Aluminum, Barium and Other Substances From Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering Programs be Destroying Eco-Systems around the World?

A Closer Look

By: Michael J. Murphy

What would you do if you were told that toxic substances being sprayed into the sky are falling to the ground and decimating eco-systems around the world? This very claim, made by concerned citizens outside the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting last month in San Diego, sparked my interest to investigate further.

The AAAS meeting hosted several top geo-engineering scientists who gathered to discuss the “plausibility” of implementing various geo-engineering programs throughout the world. One of the options addressed was the stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (SAG) , AKA chemtrail program, where scientists discussed the “plausibility” of spraying aerosol aluminum, barium and other particles into the sky to block the sun as a means to “reduce” the Earth’s temperature. When asked specifically about the potential risks associated with using aluminum in the program as an aerosol, scientists replied by stating that they have not studied much about the risks associated with aluminum and added that something terrible could be found tomorrow that they haven’t looked at. When probed further about the deployment of existing aerosol programs, the scientists stated that no aerosol spraying programs have been deployed to date.

The concerned citizens I met outside the meeting were claiming quite the opposite. They came in protest after witnessing airplanes that they believe are regularly spraying aerosols into the upper-part of the sky. Many from this group have tested and found extremely high levels of aluminum, barium and other substances in their soil, rain, water and snow. Ironically, the substances that they reported finding are the same substances the scientists are “considering” implementing in the various aerosol spraying programs discussed at the meeting. They also believe that these substances are leading to the destruction of eco-systems and are coming from already deployed SAG programs. Due to the severity of this issue and my desire to know the truth, I was led to Shasta County in the Northern part of California to investigate not only the claims of what is being reported in the sky, but also claims of what is in the rain, water, snow and soil from what many residents are saying is the result of SAG programs.

The first stop on this trip led me to Dane Wigington’s beautiful 2000 acre property overlooking Lake Shasta. As we toured his breath-taking land, he pointed to multiple trails that blanketed the sky. He claimed the trails are present on most days above Northern California. Wigington referred to this as a “moderate spraying day”. Like many other residents in Shasta County, Wigington moved to the area to get away from the heavy pollution of Southern California that he grew up with as a child. His dreams of living off the land and becoming one with nature are now coming to a grinding halt as he is focusing his time and energy on the issue of geo-engineering.

Wigington became concerned about SAG when he began to notice dramatic changes in the solar power that he uses to supply his home and property. Owner of one of the largest residential solar systems in Northern California, he began to notice very high declines in solar power. It can be decreased by as much as 60 percent on what he calls “heavy spraying days”. Wigington said, “The trails are literally blocking the sun”. He also went on to say that he regularly samples the fine dust layers on top of his solar panels and other outdoor surface areas and frequently finds very high levels of aluminum and barium. Wigington believes that these are a product of SAG programs.

At the same time as finding decreased solar power, Wigington also began to witness dramatic changes on his property as the trees, grass, insects and wildlife started dying. This led him to get his first rain test just four years ago. The results were shocking as they found aluminum levels at 7 ug/l or 7 parts per billion. Although aluminum can be found around the world in smaller quantities, geo-hydrologists told him that this number was quite high. Since that time, he has had aluminum tests escalate as high as 50,000 percent to 3,400ug/l. That is literally toxic rain. These results prompted him to get additional pH tests from two USDA soil scientists which yielded more shocking results. The pH of the soil was 6.6 in one area and 7.4 in another. This is over 11 times the normal alkalinity of the soil which should be in the range of 5.0 to 5.5. It is important to note the tests were taken in the forest far removed from any highway or industry.

When asked what these changes can do to the ecosystem, Wigington replied by saying that it is devastating. He went on to say, “if this continues, we can only expect to see things get much worse. Not only are we seeing our trees dying here, but also a major decline in our wildlife and fish”. As a matter of fact, Wigington stated that according to The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the salmon run, once seen in abundance in this area has declined from 769,868 in 2002 to 39,530 in 2009. That is over a 90 percent decline. Amazingly enough, this decline started occurring about the same period of time when residents began to see a dramatic increase in what they believe to be SAG programs. Wigington’s efforts to get these issues and test results addressed has been largely ignored by government agencies and officials.

After a closer look at Wigington’s property, my initial awe of the beauty and breath taking views led to sadness, frustration and anger over the contamination that is literally destroying the eco-system. This led me to investigate further by seeking an expert in biology. I packed up the car and headed north to the breathtaking town of Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta has been known for its beauty, clean air and as being the source of water for some bottled water companies. Many travel from around the world to mountain climb and vacation in this beautiful part of Western America.

Francis Mangels, BS in Forestry, Masters in zoology and a retired soil conservationist and wildlife biologist who worked for the U.S. Forest Service for over thirty five years, welcomed me into his beautiful home in the town of Mt. Shasta to discuss the “hidden” crisis that is occurring. Mangels alerted me to the rapid decline of fish in the nearby rivers and streams. Mangels brought me to a nearby creek that had an abundant supply of fish just a few years ago. Because the primary diet of the fish in the creek is aquatic insects, he performed a standard sample method to measure the amount of insects present. The samples he had performed before the alleged aerosol spraying campaign had yielded an average of 1000 aquatic insects. Our sample yielded only 31. This is over a 96% decline from samples taken just a few years ago. Mangels stated that because the fish live off of the insects, they are literally starving. This rapid decline is likely due to changes in the chemistry of the water. The only changes that Mangels is aware of are the dramatic increases of aluminum, barium and strontium which he believes is from SAG programs.

We also took time to test the pH of nearby soil and snow which contained over 10 times the alkalinity of the normal pH. Mangels has evidence that this drastic change in pH is also due to the massive increases of aluminum. He stated that forests, fields and farm ecologies thrive in acidic soils. Aluminum acts as a buffer that increases alkalinity and can decimate ecologies in large amounts. Mangels also pointed out that snow on Mt. Shasta was tested and sent to the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) who found results that contained 61,100 ug/l or parts per billion of aluminum and 83 ug/l of barium. The normal amount of aluminum in the snow at Mt. Shasta is 0.5 ug/l. Drinking water allowable is 50ug/l. That means that the snow on Mt. Shasta has tested at 1200 times more poisonous than water standards allow for aluminum. Mangels said, “Mountain climbers that come from around the world are drinking the poisonous water from the snow on the mountain”. Mangels went on to say that government action is required at just 1000 ug/l of detected aluminum. Although he alerted several government agencies of these findings, no governmental action has been taken to date.

Mengels brought me to several other locations around the town of Mt. Shasta where he tested the soil, rain, water and snow that also yielded tests that revealed the pH to be over ten times the normal alkalinity. He went on to say that these types of changes in soil, water and snow are very uncommon except in other areas around the world where people have been witnessing what many believe to be spraying from SAG programs. Mengels also stated that these changes have produced an “ecological crisis” and will have horrible consequences if continued. Mengels said, “Losses to our economy will be incredible and are on their way as we speak. Tree growth will be decreased which will result in the loss of logging jobs. It is also causing the decline of naturally occurring plant and grass growth that occurs in the normally acidic soils of grazing pastures, resulting in the demise of our grazing industry, fishing industry, and worst of all, basic agriculture in Northern California.”

What is amazing is that these tests and many others throughout the world are largely being ignored by the very governmental entities that are required to address them. Some politicians, like Mt. Shasta City Council member Ed Valenzuela may choose to ignore the issue. Valenzuela was made aware of the mass contamination at a city council meeting where he stated that the city did not want to sample the water for aluminum because the request was a “can of worms” that would, "open a Pandora's box" that the city would have to pay for. Although several local citizens volunteered to pay the $22.00 cost of the test at an EPA lab, both Republican Committee Chairman Russ Porterfield, and Valenzuela voted no to having the water tested. The mayor Stearns wanted the test, but was overruled by a 3-2 vote. This response is not uncommon as Mengels has presented this issue and his scientific data to over 15 local and federal agencies including Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer’s office. To date he has received no response or action.

Is it a coincidence that the substances found in the rain, snow and soil in this region and around the world match the exact substances that scientists are “considering” implementing in various geo-engineering campaigns throughout the world? If not, then why have agencies and officials largely ignored these findings that are destroying our planet’s eco-system? Could it be that officials are fearful of exposing a massive cover-up of a world-wide ecological crime? Or is it the belief that this issue is simply too large and too complicated a problem for them to tackle? Whatever the reason for this ignorance, we need to demand that our questions and shocking test results get addressed not only in Shasta County, but in every part of the world. Our future on this planet is dependent on this issue being addressed.

Because this movement has come under attack from those who appear to be protecting the many political and corporate interests associated with SAG, it is essential that all of us around the world get involved by testing the rain, snow, soil and various outdoor surfaces and reporting the results to our elected officials and local environmental agencies. We must also reach out and educate all those involved with SAG who might be unaware of the environmental implications associated with their programs. Testing for pH changes and metals is simple and can be performed almost anywhere at a nominal price. Simple testing instructions and more information about geo-engineering programs can be found on the internet at Biologist Francis Mengels can be contacted by e-mail at for more information on this issue, the tests he has performed and suggestions on testing procedures. Please take action by testing, reporting and demanding answers on this ever so important issue. Both nature and humanity depend on it. For more information, please contact me at or visit my blog:

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Michael J. Murphy